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Flood Protection & Disaster Preparation

The First 72 Is On You!

Personal Emergency Kit Checklist

After an emergency or disaster strikes, support and resources may not be available right away. Every home needs an emergency kit with a three-day (72 hours) supply of food, water, and other basic needs. Below is a list of the basics that should be in your emergency kit. Add to this list based on your family’s unique needs.


ü  Water (1 gallon per person per day)

ü  Food: ready to eat, requires little water

ü  Manual can opener, cooking supplies

ü  Disposable plates, cups, utensils

ü  Battery-operated/hand crank flashlights/radio

ü  Extra batteries

ü  Prescription medications

ü  Basic first aid kit

ü  Cash (small bills and coins)

ü  Games/activities for children

ü  Moist towelettes, hand sanitizer

ü   List of local shelters

ü  Pet supplies (food, water, leash, toys, license, immunization records)

ü  Baby needs (diapers, bottles, formula)

ü  Personal hygiene items

ü  Important family documents

ü  Cell phone charger

ü  Emergency contact list

ü  Plastic sheeting

ü  Duct tape

ü  Waterproof matches

ü  Utility knife


Put items in a large, waterproof container (large plastic garbage can with lid and wheels) that you can move easily. Store your disaster kit in a clean, dry, and accessible location. Every six months, check your emergency kit for items that may be broken, damaged or expired. Replace any item that is not safe to use.

 SMC Alert Register at SMC ALERT to receive notifications during urgent or emergency situations. You can set alerts to send emergency and non-emergency text and voice messages.
 San Francisquito Creek Monitor San Francisquito Creek levels and sign up to receive alerts specific to the creek flood conditions.   
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Latest Updates – Fall, 2015

CERTMany of our community’s streets, homes, and businesses are adjacent to San Francisquito Creek and the San Francisco Bay, and a number of these areas are subject to potentially major flood events. Floods can cause significant property damage and force evacuation of residents, and can be life-threatening. Being prepared for a flood (and for other disasters such as fire or earthquake) is your best defense and the right way to make sure you and your family are safe. It doesn’t take long to put a few key disaster preparation tips into place – and after you do, you’ll be better prepared to handle a flood, fire, or earthquake, and protect your family and your property. 

FireUse the links on this page to help you learn about, prepare for, and endure a flood or other disaster situation. Here, you’ll find information about protecting your home from flood and what to do if a flood occurs, as well as general disaster preparation information and links to important resources.