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Welcome to the East Palo Alto Permit Center!

EntranceThe Permit Center is where residents, builders, and developers interested in improving or maintaining their properties within the City can get assistance with their permit needs, and other planning, building, and engineering issues. The Permit Center accepts and processes all development applications and coordinates review with other City departments and outside agencies.

How may we be of service?

This link provides a list of all fees which may be involved in a building or development - City staff will work to provide you with an estimate of the actual fees for your project.
Here you can access to East Palo Alto’s Municipal Code and Zoning Ordinance. Please note that there may be a delay in updating the online version of these documents with any adopted revisions; please check with Community Development staff before relying on the content of the online versions of the Municipal Code and Zoning Ordinance.

    The Center is staffed by professionals with expertise in these technical areas:

    Permit CenterPlanning and Housing is responsible for current and long range planning within the City. This includes the General Plan zoning regulations = development of the Cooley Landing Park and Education Center = CEQA compliance = "Specific Plans” for defined areas of the City = housing issues = review of private development projects, capital improvements projects, and other physical projects involving City property = creating and maintaining the City's mapping database = City Planning policies and standards = assistance to residents on property issues. 
    Building handles the enforcement of local and state building, housing, zoning, and related codes = provides plan check services = issues permits = conducts inspections.

    Engineering oversees the design, management, and construction of infrastructure programs and capital improvement projects, including roadways, water supply, and storm drainage. Engineering is also responsible for providing private developments with engineering review to ensure compliance with City standards = issuing permits for any work to be performed on City property or within city rights of way, such as public streets = traffic and transportation analysis and planning = participating in regional transportation discussions and projects.

    Public Works/Maintenance is responsible for the day-to-day operation and maintenance of City infrastructure including streets, traffic signals, sidewalks, street trees, landscape medians, parks, open spaces, drainage facilities, street lights, and City buildings. This division also coordinates graffiti removal from public areas, and street sweeping.

    Brent A. Butler
    Planning Manager, AICP, CFM

    1960 Tate St.
    East Palo Alto, CA 94303

    Ph: 650-853-3189
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