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Other Flood Protection Information
Elevation Certificates

The City of East Palo Alto maintains records of all elevation certificates that have been created for properties within the City. Click here for Elevation Certificates, or contact the City's Building Division at 650.853.3129 for more information.

Local Floodplain Regulations

The City's floodplain regulations are outlined in Ordinance #362, which is part of the East Palo Alto Municipal Code.

Improvement Requirements

The National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) requires that if the cost of reconstruction, additions, or other improvements to a building equals or exceeds 50% of the building's market value, then the building must meet the same construction requirements as a new building. Substantially damaged buildings must also be brought up to the same standards. For example, a residence damaged so that the cost of repairs equals or exceeds 50% of the building's value before it was damaged must be elevated above the base flood elevation. Please contact the Building Division at (650) 853-3129 for more information.

Drainage Maintenance

Dumping is prohibited in the City's flood control system. Blockages in the City's flood control system could result in major flood damage. The City of East Palo Alto performs cleaning and maintenance activities on the drainage channels and pipes in City easements & rights-of-way in accordance with an established schedule and other standard operating procedures. Residents are encouraged to assist in maintaining the drainage in their areas by removing or reporting obstructions (such as shopping carts, leaves, debris, trash, etc.). Keeping drainage channels free of obstructions reduces flooding in the event of heavy rains. By way of City ordinance, it is illegal to dump trash, leaves, landscape debris, paint, grease, or any other material into any portion of the City's drainage system. Such dumping can have devastating impacts on water quality in addition to causing flooding. To report obstructions or illegal dumping, or for questions regarding drainage system maintenance, please contact the Public Works Department at (650) 853-3189. The City's regulations pertaining to drainage maintenance are located in Sections 13.12.020, 13.12.030, 13.12.070 of the East Palo Alto Municipal Code.

The Natural and Beneficial Functions of Floodplains

Floodplains are a natural component of the environment. Understanding and protecting the natural functions of floodplains helps reduce flood damage and protect resources. When flooding spreads out across the floodplain, its energy is dissipated, which results in lower flood flows downstream, deposition of sediments higher in the watershed and improved groundwater recharge. Floodplains are scenic, valued wildlife habitat, and suitable for farming. Poorly planned development in floodplains can lead to erosion, loss of valuable property, increased risk of flooding to downstream properties and degradation of water quality. For more information about the natural and beneficial functions of floodplains, review the FEMA publication Protecting Floodplain Resources.

Flood Zone Maps

Click here to view East Palo Alto flood zone maps (flood insurance rate maps) to determine if your property is located in a flood zone. You can also get flood zone maps and more information by visiting the FEMA Map Service Center.

Flood Map

Repairs from December, 2012 San Francisquito Creek Flooding