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Urban Water Management Plan 2015
The Urban Water Management Plan (UWMP) is an important part of the City’s overall effort toward sustainable supply. Prepared on a fairly predictable five-year schedule, it provides a regular opportunity to review historical and future water demand, the availability of water supplies including groundwater. In addition, the UWMP documents water demand management measures. Through comparison of supply and demand in normal years and drought, and with consideration of water shortage contingencies, the UWMP is a major document for the City to evaluate water supply sustainability, to assess the needed means to ensure reliability, and to communicate with the community.

The Urban Water Management Planning Act, passed by the California legislation in 1983, requires urban water suppliers to develop Urban Water Management Plans (UWMP) to address changing conditions related to water sources, water availability, water demands, and water reliability for the next 20 years. In 1991, the State added the requirement to include a Water Shortage Contingency Plan to outline the water supplier’s response and plan for changes or shortages in water supplies. Water suppliers are required to update and submit their Plan to the Department of Water Resources every five years. Compliance with the Act is necessary to be eligible for State grants, loans, and drought assistance.

The California Water Code requires urban water suppliers to prepare Urban Water Management Plans, and update them every five years. The City of East Palo Alto last updated its UWMP in 2010. The deadline for filing the 2015 UWMPs is July 1, 2016.