San Francisquito Creek Flood Control Project

Is the City going to close the golf course?
If the City’s decision is to rebuild a new 18 hole course golf course as in design G, then closing the golf course has many advantages and that option would have to be considered. Other designs offer a better opportunity to stay open as a 9 hole course. However the driving range, Bay Café, and pro shop would not be affected by any of the designs and would remain open for business.
What changes are going to be made to our golf course?
There are a number of designs being considered by the city at this time. Public outreach surveys and appraisals have been performed, along with information gathered from the National Golf Foundation a consulting firm commissioned to do economic research for the desired A, D, F, and G designs.  At the March 6, 2012 Finance Committee Meeting the National Golf Foundation presented its finding to the committee. All four committee members unanimously favored Plan G because it had the best opportunity to recoup the city’s investment and provides approximately 10.5 acres for other recreational uses.
Are you putting soccer fields on the golf course?
The need to re-configure the Golf Course to accommodate the flood control project is a very rare opportunity. Therefore, the City Council is evaluating the possibility of adding athletic fields near the Baylands Athletic Center among other community needs as we consider reconfiguration options.
Are you rebuilding the entire golf course?
The degree of reconfiguration will depend on the final design. Currently we have 4 design alternatives which include a simple minimal impact design that might affect 6.5 holes, to several more complex designs, and one design that would be the reconstruction of all 18 holes to provide more space for recreational use.
Is this going to be a 9-hole course or executive course?
The plan is to reconfigure the golf course in such a way that it remains a 18 hole regulation length  par 72 or 71 par course.
When can we voice our ideas?
There have been four public meeting to date and more to come. If you would like to be contacted about future meetings, please send your e-mail address to :
When will work on the golf course begin?
Groundbreaking at the golf course is not expected until 2013.
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