Teen Center

Teen Center (The Drop) 

The Drop at the Mitchell Park Teen Center is YOUR place to BE. Test your accuracy in a game of pool, brush up your Smash Bros. and Just Dance! skills on our XBOX Kinect and Wii, work on your three-pointer in our half-court, or just hang out with old and new friends; whatever you want to do, The Drop provides a fun and safe space to do just that! Sign up for your free 2015-2016 Teen Membership today and not only will you get access to the teen center, but get special access to events, activities, workshops, dances, and more! For more information, contact thedrop@cityofpaloalto.org

To sign-up for a free 2015-2016 Drop Teen Membership CLICK HERE!

Teen and Youth Services Coordinator:
Amal Aziz
Phone: 650-329-2930

Hours (please call for specific schedule as hours vary with school schedules and holidays)
M: 3-6pm
T: 3-6pm
W: 1:30-6pm
Th: 3-6pm
F: 3-9pm
Sa: 12-5pm
Last Updated: Dec 15, 2015