Conrad Johnson

Studio E-4

Digital Photography

Artist Statement

51 years have passed since I accepted my first commission.
A set of silkscreened posters for Detroit area rock concerts resulted.
Being fortunate enough to make income as a photographer working for creative types.
Architects, Designers, Art Directors sought dramatic images I produced.

Personal artwork was kept to myself.
I am just now taking a look at paintings, drawings and pastels.
Original art accomplished over these five decades.
There is one theme…, sacred landscapes.
“Axis Mundi”
Preferring to work life-size is always a challenge.
With my new “Universe” series of paintings, representing infinite space presents new challenges.
It winds back to time’s erosion of the Universe.

Conrad Johnson, Teacher

Fan & Flowers, 1984, 24x36, Poster

Universe 1, 2015, 36x36 Acrylic on enamel

Axis Mundi, 1990, 59"x80" & 59"x96", Oil Pastels


Last Updated: Apr 15, 2016