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Increased Citizen Expectations Are On The Rise

You’re being asked to do more with less – a lot less. With increased expectations and drained resources, you’re likely stretched to the limit. CivicPlus can help increase citizen engagement while reducing your workload. 

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“One of the features I really like is that CivicPlus takes into account the needs of Snohomish County, as well as any other jurisdiction, then listens and refines their product, ongoing. That kind of customer care and listening and changing to meet the needs for the benefit of all their customers is one of the reasons we stay with CivicPlus. Choosing them was easy. You guys got us over the hurdle of building and deploying a new website. We then look at the value proposition every time we need to think about our budget. We think about what value this communications platform has for our citizens. And we're happy to think that we've made the right choice.

Dave Stroble, Information Services Project Manager
Snohomish County Washington

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