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Ever wanted to share your interest in a cause or engage family and friends but weren’t sure how to get the conversation started? Wonder no more. Our Monitor editors are here to offer relevant questions on a specific news topics to help you get the discussion going.

What kind of principals are most effective?

Many districts across America are looking for a new kind of school leader – those who spend most of their days in the classroom, not the main office, and are intensely focused on helping teachers improve. From your own interactions with school personnel, what kind of principal do you think works best?

What can young people do to help prevent sexual assault and promote healthy relationships?

Concerns have been growing about sexual violence on college campuses, and even at high schools and middle schools. But bystander education is spreading – helping students realize everyone can speak out to shift the culture, and can take steps to intervene if they see troubling behavior among their peers. What kinds of actions do you think can be most effective?

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Universal Giving helps people give to and volunteer for top-performing charitable organizations around the world. All the organizations and projects listed below have been vetted by Universal Giving; 100 percent of each donation goes directly to the listed cause.

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Develop Africa

Develop Africa is a non-profit organization founded with the aim of facilitating meaningful and sustainable development in Africa.

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Greenheart Travel

Greenheart Travel is personally invested in providing cultural immersion programs that change lives, advance careers and create leaders.

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