Partnerships: The key to scalable solutions

EDF VP of Corporate Partnerships Gwen Ruta at a FedEx warehouse

EDF partnered with FedEx to remove 90% of the company's soot emissions, creating a new landscape of hybrid commercial fleet vehicles.

If we are going to turn the corner on problems such as climate change, habitat loss and overfishing, we need the leverage of powerful partners.

EDF understands that business and a better world don’t have to be at odds. Corporate partnerships have been a cornerstone of our approach ever since we launched our first partnership with McDonald’s 25 years ago. Key to our success has been maintaining financial independence from the get-go.

“Because we accept no funding from our corporate partners, we’re free to set aggressive goals and influence entire industries,” says Tom Murray, vice president of EDF’s corporate partnerships.

Partnerships span many industries

Looking ahead, the opportunity and need for private-sector leadership on the issues that we care about the most has never been greater.

As a result, we’re doubling down on our efforts to engage leading companies to drive innovation, leverage supply chains, unlock capital flows, and advocate for the policy change needed to achieve our strategic goals.

This work spans many types of industry:

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This kind of lasting change is built over months and years. We have a lot more work we want to do to drive sustainability across more businesses—and you can help.

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Resources for business professionals

We have a long track record of helping top companies become leaders in sustainability. Our resources include:

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