Climate and energy policy and resources

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EDF’s Climate and Energy program promotes market-based solutions that accelerate the transition to a low-carbon energy economy.

We work to cut carbon and methane pollution, protect forests, and break down barriers to clean energy.

Climate change is a defining challenge of our generation, and EDF is shaping markets, changing policy, and finding the ways that work to create a better, cleaner future.

Gwen Ruta Senior Vice President, Climate and Energy

Our key climate and energy initiatives

  • Cleaner, smarter energy: Turning the clean energy vision into reality by advocating for solutions that slash energy waste, accelerate renewables, and empower consumers.
  • Oil and gas: Fighting for safeguards and forging new solutions to protect our climate and communities from oil and gas pollution, while maximizing natural gas’ potential to support a clean energy future.
  • Climate and health protections: Working to address climate change, reduce harmful pollutants, end deforestation, and support the growth of clean energy resources.
  • California climate and energy: A decade into its climate law, California is making advancements in clean energy and energy efficiency, resulting in economic growth and reduced emissions.
  • Global climate policy: Working with powerhouse players such as China, India, Brazil, Canada and the European Union to help reverse the rise of global greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Building a cleaner China: Helping China advance carbon markets and clean energy, green its supply chains, and promote demand-side management.

Our climate and energy experts

Gwen Ruta Gwen Ruta Senior Vice President, Climate and Energy
Areas of expertise: Corporate partnerships, business and the environment, renewable energy and energy efficiency, short-lived climate pollutants, EDF Climate Corps

Dan Dudek Daniel J. Dudek Vice President, Asia
Areas of expertise: Climate change, global warming, air quality, pollution prevention, environmental markets

Vickie Patton Vickie Patton General Counsel
Areas of expertise: Climate change, global warming, air quality

James Marston James Marston Vice President, Clean Energy
Areas of expertise: Climate change, air quality, energy efficiency, energy policy, smart grid

Mark Brownstein Mark Brownstein Vice President, Climate and Energy
Areas of expertise: methane policy, oil & gas related issues, electric & gas utility related issues, energy policy

Nathaniel Keohane Nathaniel Keohane Vice President, Global Climate
Areas of expertise: Carbon markets, economics, climate change, U.S. and global climate and energy policy

Jeremy Symons Jeremy Symons Associate Vice President, Climate Political Affairs
Areas of expertise: Political affairs; climate change solutions, U.S. climate change and energy policy; US Congress

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Media contacts

  • Mica Crouse512-691-3451 (office)
    512-913-9068 (cell)
    envelope ContactClean energy, smart grid, energy efficiency
  • Lauren Whittenberg512-691-3437 (office)
    512-784-2161 (cell)
    envelope ContactOil and gas, methane regulation
  • Sharyn Stein202-572-3396 (office)
    202-905-5718 (cell)
    envelope ContactU.S. climate, greenhouse gas regulations, EPA regulations
  • Jennifer Andreassen202-572-3387 (office)
    202-288-4867 (cell)
    envelope ContactGlobal climate policy, reducing deforestation (REDD+), aviation emissions, California’s climate law (AB32)