Investor Confidence Project

Fueling investment in energy efficiency

Investor Confidence Project

The potential energy efficiency market is estimated at $1 trillion, but in order to scale up to this level, the energy efficiency finance industry will need to become more standardized.

EDF established the Investor Confidence Project (ICP) to transform the energy efficiency market by streamlining transactions and increasing the reliability of projected energy savings. ICP and other innovative financial tools can help reduce risks for investors and jumpstart the global clean energy economy.

Creating confidence in investment

ICP is accelerating the development of a global energy efficiency market by standardizing how energy efficiency projects are developed and how energy savings are calculated.

ICP offers a series of protocols that define industry best practices for energy efficiency project development as well as a credentialing system that provides third-party validation. When a project is credentialed it creates confidence in the reliability of projected savings, ultimately boosting the project’s potential to attract private investment.

Projects that conform to the requirements of the ICP protocols, originate from a credentialed project developer, and are verified by a credentialed quality assurance provider are referred to as Investor Ready Energy Efficiency™ projects.

The result is a commercial building sector with lower operating costs, higher market value, and a significantly lower carbon footprint.

ICP’s far-reaching presence

ICP’s energy efficiency protocols are used in Texas as part of a do-it-yourself toolkit for PACE (Property-Assessed Clean Energy)—called PACE-In-a-Box—that enables local governments to use their property assessment as a way to finance clean energy projects for industrial, agriculture, water, and commercial buildings.

EDF is also in ongoing discussions with key state and local officials across the country—from California to New Jersey and New York—who are exploring the integration of ICP in their energy efficiency programs.

Standards that circle the globe can drive even bigger progress. To help meet global energy efficiency needs, EDF has also recently expanded ICP to Europe.

The potential for scalability with ICP is huge and growing.

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