Rick Perry’s study twists the facts in favor of coal

Studies show a clean grid is a reliable grid

Solar panels and wind turbines

Credit: imacoconut

Perry’s so-called grid reliability study is an attempt to cook the books in favor of Trump’s broader pro-coal agenda.  

Reliable electricity at affordable prices. This mission and mandate is central to the American electric grid and those who oversee it.

In recent years, the power grid has been transitioning toward more clean energy and less coal. Extensive research shows this transition is making America’s electricity system more affordable, resilient, and reliable. 

Energy Secretary Rick Perry recently released a long-awaited “study” to examine grid reliability, which ignores the overwhelming evidence in favor of politics. Instead of highlighting more efficient, affordable, and innovative solutions, the study’s recommendations reveal a thinly-veiled attempt to prop up uneconomic, dirty coal plants.

Secretary Perry and other Trump administration officials already made their pro-coal agenda obvious. Perry’s new “study” confirms their energy priorities: They want more dirty, expensive coal regardless of what it costs Americans. 

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