Health: Cleaner air, safer chemicals

Exposing the hidden threats to human health
The air we breathe and ordinary household products can seriously harm our health.

Our air, water and household products are too often tainted with pollutants or toxic chemicals.

We’re working to protect American families by strengthening and defending policies and greater corporate responsibility. We’re determined to advance on both fronts, fighting threats to progress.

Our health initiatives

  • Protecting air quality for Americans

    Fight for cleaner air »

    Why: Significant reductions in air pollutants will save thousands of lives – especially in at-risk communities.

    How: We’re focused on defending existing clean air standards and closing the policy loopholes that expose many Americans to air pollution.

  • woman shopping

    Improve oversight and safety of chemicals »

    Why: Thousands of chemicals are in everyday products and in food, and thousands of communities have lead in their water.

    How: Ensure reforms live up to their promise, empower retailers to use safer additives and take on potential sources of lead exposure.

  • Walmart storefront

    Encourage corporate action »

    Why: Companies can go beyond the law to remove hazardous chemicals from products on store shelves and drive demand for safer chemicals.

    How: Work with major retailers like Walmart to take significant steps toward reducing chemicals of concern in the products they sell.

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