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About EPA

About Region 5’s Chicago Regional Laboratory

What We Do

The Chicago Regional Laboratory provides scientific expertise, training and environmental data of known and appropriate quality. Our contributions advance EPA’s mission of protecting human health and the environment. Our work supports environmental decision-making by the Region, by programs in Agency headquarters, and by organizations in the public and private sectors. This Center of Applied Science maintains and expands its capabilities by developing methods for emerging compounds of concern and improving the performance of existing analytical methods. We are committed to improving the quality of our data and the efficiency of our processes. We continually expand our knowledge and capabilities to meet new environmental challenges. We meet our customers’ needs through timely, complete, and scientifically sound responses.

We are accredited to the ISO-IEC 17025-2005 Standard and the L-A-B Forensic Science Accreditation Program (FSLAP) based on ILAC G19:2002 "Guidelines for Forensic Science Laboratories."

The building at 536 South Clark Street, Chicago, where the EPA Region 5 laboratory is located.
The building at 536 South Clark Street, Chicago, where the EPA Region 5 laboratory is located.

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Dennis Wesolowski, Director
George Schupp, Deputy Director

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Contact Information

For scheduling samples, and assistance with planning sampling projects
Amanda Wroble (wroble.amanda@epa.gov) 312-353-0375

For shipping and receiving and sample container requests
Robert Snyder (snyder.robert@epa.gov) 312-353-9083

For data status or data requests
Sylvia Griffin (griffin.sylvia@epa.gov) 312-353-9073

For laboratory quality assurance, quality control or quality system information
Angela Ockrassa-Davis (ockrassa-davis.angela@epa.gov) 312-353-7445

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