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Search Your Environment by ZIP Code

On this page: Facility Searches | Energy-related Searches | Other Searches

Facility Searches

  Enter your 5-digit ZIP code: and then choose a database to search.

 A wide variety of environmental information by location and maps. MyEnvironment home page and place-name search.

 Pollution, hazardous waste sites, and other regulatory information. Envirofacts home page.

 Air pollution emission types and levels. AirData home page

 Information about toxic chemical releases in your neighborhood. TRI home page.

 Find Superfund, Brownfields, or RCRA corrective action sites, properties, or federal facilities where pollution is being or has been cleaned up. Cleanups home page

 Search for facilities, sites or places subject to environmental regulations. FRS home page

 Find facility inspections and any enforcement actions. ECHO home page.

Energy-related Searches

  5-digit ZIP code: and then choose a database to search.

Also find sales tax exemptions for energy efficient products Rebate home page.

Help promote environmental protection - find and shop at stores that earned the Energy Star label. Labeled Stores home page.

 Look up residential price premiums for some green power products. Buying Green Power home page

Other Searches

  5-digit ZIP code: and then choose a database to search.

 Get a forecast of the expected ultraviolet radiation from the sun. SunWise home page

 Environmental conditions and activities in U.S. watersheds. Surf Your Watershed home page

 Check the current air quality for ozone or particulates before you go out. Airnow home page

 Find your state government contacts and links. Radon home page

 Find the EPA Region in which you live or work. All EPA regions

Note: some databases on this page may not have information for all ZIP Codes. For a detailed search, please continue to the linked page of each database, above.

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Resources for Concerned Citizens

United We Serve - Serve.gov Search for volunteer opportunities in your community at Serve.gov

Learn about Your Right to Know

Right-to-know laws provide information about possible chemical exposures. Discover resources EPA provides the public in the spirit of right-to-know.

Learn about your right to know >>

Search for and Comment on Regulations

Our proposed regulations are almost always open to the public for comment. Your participation leads to better regulations.

Search for and comment on regulations >>

At Home and in the Garden

Tips for home safety, avoiding potential risks, and preventing pollution by recycling and conserving water and energy.

Protect the environment at home and in your garden >>

At Work

Information about preventing pollution in your workplace, and raising awareness of health and safety issues.

Keep work environments safe >>

On the Road

Consumer information about the environmental impacts of transportation plus tips on cleaner cars, saving gas and improving mileage, boating pollution prevention tips, and more.

Learn about the environmental impacts of transportation >>

At School

Whether you are a student or a teacher in a class about the environment, EPA has lots of educational resources to offer you.

Keep school environments safe >>

While Shopping

Find helpful information on how to choose purchases that will reduce pollution, save energy and money.

Learn to be an environmentally-savvy shopper >>

In Your Community

Learn how to protect your neighborhood's natural resources, and get information on air and water quality in your community.

Protect the environment in your community >>

Think Globally, Act Locally

Learn about environmental issues that impact our world, and about programs, opportunities, and tools to help you get involved and make a difference in your community.

More on thinking globally and acting locally >>

Report a Violation or Emergency

Information on potential environmental violations and how to report a suspicious situation. To report oil and chemical spills, call the National Response Center at 1-800-424-8802.

Learn how to report violations and emergencies | Information on natural disasters >>

Children's Health

Information on how to protect children from toxins, the sun, lead, and other potential environmental health threats.

More on children's health >>

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