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Contact EPA Pacific Southwest

Pacific Southwest, Region 9

Serving: Arizona, California, Hawaii, Nevada, Pacific Islands, Tribal Nations

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Administrative records for Superfund sites


Air Program, Region 9

Air Quality

Alternative Fuel Vehicles

Alternative Test Methods

American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009

American Samoa

Ammonia Facilities Environmental Projects

Animal Waste Management

Annual (Region 9) Progress Report

Avenal Power Plant



Asthma (children's health)

Audio gallery

Autism (children's health)

Auto Repair and Fleet Maintenance: Pollution Prevention


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Bay: San Francisco Bay Delta Watershed

Biennial Report (Hazardous Waste)


Biogas Map (Waste to Biogas Mapping Tool)


Border: US-Mexico Border 2020 Program

Brownfields: Region 9 Brownfields | National EPA Brownfields Program

Building Reuse (locator map)



San Francisco Bay Area

San Joaquin Valley

Santa Barbara

Southern California

Stockton, Port of

California Farm Labor Force Overview and Trends (PDF file linked from this web page)

Carbon Monoxide:

Career Opportunities

Carlota Copper Co.

Cesspools, large-capacity in Hawai'i

Chemical Waste Management - Kettleman Hills Facility

Children's Environmental Health

Chloramine: Disinfecting Drinking Water with Chloramine

Clean Air Act

Clean Energy

Clean Air Technology Initiative

Clean Water Act

Cleanup - Clean Air Initiative

Climate Change: Activities in the Pacific Southwest | National Climate Change

Compliance & Enforcement


Computer Recycling

Corrective Action

Criminal Investigation



Data Sources (Data Finder)

Del Amo Superfund Site

Delta: San Francisco Bay Delta Watershed

Desert Rock Air permit

Disaster Preparation and Response


Drinking Water


Earth Day


El Dorado Hills, naturally occurring asbestos

Electronic Permit Submittal System (EPSS)

Education: Environmental Education Program

Eel River (South Fork) TMDL

Electronic Resources Library

Emergency Response

Energy Star: News Release & multi-media | Energy Star Website

Enforcement and compliance assistance

Environmental Crime

Environmental Education

Environmental Impact Statements - EPA comment letters (draft & final)

Environmental Information Center

Environmental Justice

Environmental Management System for EPA's San Francisco Office

Environmental Publications database

Environmental Regulatory Information

EPA Data Sources

EPA ID, how to obtain

Evoqua Carbon Regeneration Facility (Formerly Siemens-Westates Carbon Regeneration Facility)


Federal Facilities Compliance Program

Federal Green Challenge

Federal Facility Site Information: non NPL sites | NPL sites

Federal Facilities Superfund Cleanup

Fluorescent light, cleaning up broken bulbs

Freedom of Information Act Requests

Funding Sources

Funding Sources for Solid Waste Projects


Garcia River Sediment TMDL


Global Warming (climate change)



Green Building

Green Building for Healthcare

Greenscapes Guam

Grand Canyon: The Mohave Generating Station and Grand Canyon Visibility

Greenhouse gas emissions

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Hazardous Waste ID (RCRA)

Hazardous Waste - Biennial Report

Health, Children's Environmental

Healthy Hair Care

Honolulu Office (PICO)

Hotlines: Region 9

Hospitals, Pollution Prevention

Hotels near Region 9 headquarters


Indian Programs

Indoor Air Quality

Insecticide Chalk Alert

Islands (Pacific)


Jobs: Career Opportunities


Kettleman Hills Facility PCB Permit Project updates

Kids: See Environmental Education


Laboratory (Richmond, California)

Lake Tahoe Watershed

Land Revitalization

Las Vegas: See Nevada

Lead Program

Leaking Underground Storage Tanks (LUST) in Indian Country


Library - Electronic Resources

Local Contacts

Lodging near Region 9 headquarters

Long-Term Management Strategy (LTMS) for Dredged Material, San Francisco Bay

Los Angeles


Maps: Air Quality Maps for Region 9

Marine Debris

Marshall Islands

Media Center


Metal Finishing


Micronesia: see Pacific Islands

Mohave Generating Station and Grand Canyon Visibility

Montrose/Del Amo Proposed Groundwater Plan

Multimedia Gallery


National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA)

National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Program

National Priorities List (Federal Facilities)
National Priorities List Superfund Sites

Native Americans: see Tribal Program

Naturally occurring asbestos in California

Navajo Nation

Navarro River TMDL


News Releases | Press Contacts

Newsletters of the Pacific Southwest (Region 9)

No Discharge Zones

Nonpoint Source Pollution

Northern Marianas: see Pacific Islands

Noyo River TMDL


Ocean disposal, dredging

Office of Regional Counsel

Oil Spill Prevention & Response

Onsite Sewage Treatment

Operating Industries, Inc. Superfund Site

Organic Materials Management (Composting)

Organizational Chart: Region 9


Ozone: See Air Programs


Pacific Islands

Palos Verdes Shelf

Perchlorate in the Pacific Southwest


Particulate Matter: See Air Programs

PCBs (Polychlorinated Biphenyls)

Pesticides in the Pacific Southwest

Phoenix, Arizona

PICO (Pacific Islands Contact Information)


Pollution Prevention

Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs)

Ports (Los Angeles, Long Beach, Stockton, Hawaii)

Press: Contacts | Releases

Preliminary Remediation Goals (PRG) table

Prevention & Preparedness Annual Report

Public Notices

Puna, Hawaii: see Hawaii


Quality Assurance in Region 9




Radon (contact information)


Recovery Act (2009)


Redwood Creek TMDL

Region 9: About

Regional Administrator | Daily Schedule

Regional Science Council

Regional Screening Levels (RSL) for Chemical Contaminants at Superfund Sites (PRG tables)

Regulatory Information

Remediation goals (PRG): soil, water, air

Requests for proposals

Research and Development

Resource, Conservation, and Recovery Act (RCRA)

Romic Environmental Technologies Corporation Southwest Hazardous Waste Storage and Treatment Facility

Route 66 Redevelopment Initiative

RSL Tables (PRG tables)

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Sacramento, CA: see California

Safe Drinking Water Act

San Diego Creek, Newport Bay TMDLs

San Fernando Valley Superfund Sites

San Francisco Bay Area

San Joaquin Valley

Santa Barbara


Schools: Assessing Outdoor Air Nearby

Schedule, Regional Administrator

Scrap tires

Search Assistance

Selenium (protection of wildlife in the San Francisco Bay)

Siemens Carbon Regeneration Facility (Now Evoqua Carbon Regeneration Facility)

Solid and Hazardous Waste Programs (see also: RCRA)

South Coast Carbon Monoxide Plan

South Fork Eel River TMDL

South Fork Trinity River TMDL

Southern California Field Office

State Resources

State Implementation Plans (Air Programs)

Stockton, Port of

Stormwater Program

Strategic Plan

Stringfellow Superfund Site

Students: Environmental Education Program Superfund Site Information (Site Overviews, maps, fact sheets, etc)


Surface Water Quality

Sustainable Infrastructure

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Tahoe (Lake) Watershed

Teachers: Environmental Education Program

TechLinks Technology Web Sites


Tires, scrap

Title V


Tools for Pollution Prevention in Hospitals

Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) Program

Toxic Substances

Toxics Release Inventory (TRI)

Trinity River (South Fork) TMDL

Tribal Programs

Trust Territories: Superfund Sites

Tucson Carbon Monoxide Redesignation Proposal


Underground Injection Control (UIC)

Underground Storage Tanks (UST)

U.S.-Mexico Border 2020 Program


Video gallery

Visitor Information (maps, hotel information, etc.)


Waste Programs in the Pacific Southwest: see also: Solid and Hazardous Waste Programs, Superfund, RCRA Water Programs in the Pacific Southwest

Water Conservation/Water Efficiency

Water Recycling

Water Sustainable Infrastructure

Westates Carbon Regeneration Facility (Now Evoqua Carbon Regeneration Facility)

Wetlands of the Pacific Southwest


Y, Z



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