What are the Facebook Services?
Facebook offers a wide variety of products and services, including communications and advertising platforms. Many of these products and services — such as the Facebook mobile app, Messenger, and Paper — are part of your Facebook experience. Other services, such as Slingshot, Rooms, or the Internet.org app, offer more independent experiences (ex: they may not require you to register for or sign in to the service using your Facebook account). Certain services, such as Page Manager or Audience Insights, are products that we offer our business partners such as advertisers. All of these Services are covered by our Data Policy, which describes how we collect, use and disclose your information. Sometimes supplemental terms may also apply to specific products or services, which we will tell you about through those services.
Please note that in some cases, products and services that we offer have their own separate privacy policies and terms.
Our family of companies also have their own separate services, terms and policies. You can see a list of our companies and links to their policies.
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