What Almost Everyone Gets Wrong About The Retirement Distribution 4% ‘Rule’

Let’s talk about the “4% rule,” originally from Bill Bengen’s seminal retirement distribution strategy research published in in 1994. It was never meant as a rule, but a backward looking finding.

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Dec 9, 2021

How Introducing New Benefits Can Improve Office Morale

I’ve owned a business for about 20 years, and time and again, I’ve learned that nothing is more critical to our success than happy and engaged employees. Here are a few ideas for how to keep your employees happy, despite the uncertainty we’re all facing during this ongoing pandemic.
Dec 3, 2021

Nightmare At The Bank: A True Story

Some banks ignore the needs of their cognitively impaired aging investors by blocking access to the elder's accounts. They refuse to recognize legally authorized successor trustees to take over for the impaired bank customer.