Finance Data Listing and Disclaimers


Region Exchange Code Description Delay (minutes)
Americas BCBA Bolsa de Comercio de Buenos Aires 20
BMV Bolsa Mexicana de Valores 20
BVMF BM&F Bovespa 15
CNSX Canadian Securities Exchange Realtime
CVE Toronto TSX Ventures Exchange 15
NASDAQ NASDAQ Last Sale Realtime *
NYSE NYSE Realtime *
OPRA Options Pricing Authority Option Chains 15
OTCBB FINRA OTC Bulletin Board 15
TSE Toronto Stock Exchange 15
Europe AMS NYSE Euronext Amsterdam Realtime
BIT Borsa Italiana Milan Stock Exchange Realtime
BME Bolsas y Mercados Españoles 15
CPH NASDAQ OMX Copenhagen Realtime
EBR NYSE Euronext Brussels Realtime
ELI NYSE Euronext Lisbon Realtime
EPA NYSE Euronext Paris Realtime
ETR Deutsche Börse XETRA 15
FRA Deutsche Börse Frankfurt Stock Exchange Realtime
HEL NASDAQ OMX Helsinki Realtime
ICE NASDAQ OMX Iceland Realtime
IST Borsa Istanbul 15
LON London Stock Exchange Realtime
MCX Moscow Exchange Realtime
RSE NASDAQ OMX Riga Realtime
STO NASDAQ OMX Stockholm Realtime
SWX, VTX SIX Swiss Exchange 15
TAL NASDAQ OMX Tallinn Realtime
VIE Wiener Börse 15
VSE NASDAQ OMX Vilnius Realtime
WSE Warsaw Stock Exchange 15
Africa JSE Johannesburg Stock Exchange 15
Middle East TADAWUL Saudi Stock Exchange 15
TLV Tel Aviv Stock Exchange 20
Asia BKK Thailand Stock Exchange 15
BOM Bombay Stock Exchange Limited Realtime
KLSE Bursa Malaysia 15
HKG Hong Kong Stock Exchange 15
IDX Indonesia Stock Exchange 10
KRX Korea Stock Exchange 20
NSE National Stock Exchange of India Realtime
SGX Singapore Exchange Realtime
SHA Shanghai Stock Exchange 1
SHE Shenzhen Stock Exchange Realtime
TPE Taiwan Stock Exchange Realtime
TYO Tokyo Stock Exchange 20
South Pacific ASX Australian Securities Exchange 20
NZE New Zealand Stock Exchange 20

Mutual Funds

Region Exchange Code Description Delay (minutes)
Americas MUTF USA Mutual Funds End-of-day
MUTF_CA Canadian Mutual Funds End-of-day
Europe MUTF_GB UK Mutual Funds End-of-day
Asia MUTF_CN Chinese Mutual Funds End-of-day
MUTF_HK Hong Kong Mutual Funds End-of-day
MUTF_IN India Mutual Funds End-of-day


Region Exchange Code Description Delay (minutes)
Americas INDEXBVMF BM&F Bovespa Indexes 15
INDEXCBOE CBOE Index Values 15
INDEXCME Chicago Mercantile Exchange Indexes Realtime
INDEXDJX S&P Dow Jones Indexes Realtime
INDEXNASDAQ NASDAQ Global Indexes Realtime
INDEXNYSEGIS NYSE Global Index Feed 15
INDEXRUSSELL Russell Tick 15
INDEXSP S&P Cash Indexes Realtime
BCBA Buenos Aires Stock Exchange Indexes 20
INDEXBMV Bolsa Mexicana de Valores Indexes 20
INDEXTSI Toronto Stock Exchange Indexes 15
Europe INDEXBIT Milan Stock Exchange Indexes 15
INDEXBME Bolsas y Mercados Españoles Indexes 15
INDEXDB Deutsche Börse Indexes 15
INDEXEURO Euronext Indexes 15
INDEXFTSE FTSE Indexes Realtime
INDEXIST Borsa Istanbul Indexes 15
INDEXNASDAQ NASDAQ Global Indexes Realtime
INDEXSWX SIX Swiss Exchange Indexes 15
INDEXVIE Wiener Börse Indexes 15
MCX Moscow Exchange Indexes Realtime
Asia INDEXBKK Thailand Stock Exchange Indexes 15
INDEXBOM Bombay Stock Exchange Indexes Realtime
SHA Shanghai/Shenzhen Indexes 1
INDEXHANGSENG Hang Seng Indexes Realtime
HKG Hong Kong Stock Exchange Indexes 15
KOSDAQ, KRX Korea Stock Exchange Indexes 20
INDEXNIKKEI Nikkei Indexes 20
INDEXTYO Tokyo Indexes 20
INDEXTYO:JPXNIKKEI400 © Japan Exchange Group, Inc., Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc., Nikkei Inc. 20
INDEXTOPIX Tokyo Stock Exchange Indexes 20
IDX Indonesia Stock Exchange Indexes 15
NSE National Stock Exchange of India Indexes Realtime
SHE Shenzhen Stock Exchange Indexes Realtime
TPE Taiwan Stock Exchange Indexes Realtime
Middle East TLV Tel Aviv Stock Exchange Indexes 20
TADAWUL Saudi Stock Exchange Indexes 15
South Pacific INDEXASX Australian Securities Exchange S&P/ASX Indexes Realtime
INDEXNZE New Zealand Exchange Indexes 20


Region Exchange Code Description Delay (minutes)
United States KCG Bondpoint 15


Region Exchange Code Description Delay (minutes)
Global CURRENCY SIX Financial Information 3
CURRENCY:BTC Coinbase, Inc. 3


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Currency Conversion

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NYSE Securities

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