Helping retailers innovate
Google provides the technology to help retailers innovate around their customer experience and business operations, both online and in stores

Improve customer experience & engagement

Make associates more effective

Give associates access to information from any device, anywhere, with Google Apps, Google App Engine, and Google Chrome devices.

Connect your customers with experts

Turn your store and site into a virtual classroom, showcasing knowledgeable specialists via Google+ Hangouts on Air.

Help customers find what they want in-store

Help customers find what they want with indoor maps on their devices with Google Map Engine and Google Cloud Platform storage.

Provide a rich, personalized shopping experience

Give customers greater selection with Google Chrome device kiosks and share new inventory by optimizing assortment with big data insights.

Create a strong digital presence

Get an amazing mobile presence

Help customers locate your stores -- and help your stores recognize customers -- with native mobile apps, geo store locators, and geo fencing.

Deliver better search results

Increase engagement with dynamic landing pages using Google App Engine, and improve relevance with the Google Search Appliance.

Build an interactive, immersive experience

Use Google App Engine to create interactive apps that match your brand and let customers interact with experts via Google+ Hangouts on Air.

Innovate and be more productive

Collaborate and innovate

Help designers and suppliers innovate globally through Google+ Hangouts.

Reduce fashion risk with a leaner supply chain

Keep your supply chain on trend with the Google Prediction API and understand customer data better with Google BigQuery.

Launch products efficiently

Promote product launches with Google+ Hangouts and Google+ pages. Share contextual offers with Google Drive, geo-mapping and big data.

Build marketing campaigns easily

Go from ideas to promotions with Google+ and Moderator. Jointly create and collaborate on creatives with partners, vendors using Drive.

Use data to drive strategy

Create a single view of the customer

Segment high value, low service customers using big data to support customers more effectively.

Stock the right products

Use big data with Google BigQuery to analyze sales and assortment at the SKU level, making it easier to stock trendier products.

Respond to external factors

Gather data from multiple sources (social, search, sales and trends) with Google BigQuery and Google Prediction API to measure impact on sales.

Stay ahead of your competitors

Analyze impact of opening or closing a store using Big Query. Visualize competitor's location and proximity to your customers using Google Maps Engine API.
Why Google?

Big Results from Big Data

Google Cloud Platform and
Google BigQuery bring data to life

Guide shoppers with maps

Show shoppers the way to and
around your stores with Google Maps

Engage shoppers everywhere

Host Google+ Hangouts with experts to
help customers learn about products

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