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Entry No. 9: Our Memories Of Spain
Courtesy: Stanford Athletics  
Release: 09/15/2011

Sept. 15, 2011

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No. 1: Cardinal Arrives In Spain
No. 2: Royal Palace, Evening Scrimmage
No. 3: Museo del Prado, Real Madrid Game
No. 4: Day Trip To University of Murcia
No. 5: Final Day in Alicante, Off To Barcelona
No. 6: Stanford Nearly Knocks Off Assignia Manresa
No. 7: Cardinal Hangs Tough Versus FC Barcelona Regal
No. 8: The Mad Dog Has A Presence In Spain

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SAN FRANCISCO- Stanford's six-game, 11-day tour of Spain came to an end on Wednesday night, as the Cardinal arrived at SFO just before midnight after flying all day from Barcelona.

Stanford played six games against teams from the ACB League (or Liga ACB, The Asociacion de Clubs de Baloncesto), which is regarded as the second-best league in the world behind the NBA. Touring cities such as Madrid, Alicante and Barcelona, the Cardinal was able to experience the culture and beauty of Spain.

Stanford wishes to thank Anthony Travel, the sports-based travel and event management company responsible for coordinating this year's trip and securing the games. A special thanks to tour guides Leo Jenkins, Craig Brummell, Riina Tuomi and Issac Heller for their assistance and hospitality. The men's basketball program would also like to recognize all donors who helped make this trip possible. Your support is greatly appreciated.

With the trip now in the books and the start of the school year right around the corner, here are some reflections from the travel party.

Aaron Bright, sophomore guard: The chicken we had for postgame after playing FC Barcelona Regal.
Anthony Brown, sophomore guard/forward: The paella in Alicante.
Johnny Dawkins, head coach: Fish platter and paella in Alicante.
Brandon Jackson, manager: The lobster we had for dinner on our last night.
John Gage, sophomore forward/center: Meat dish after the Barcelona game, with steak, chicken and sausages.
Charles Payne, assistant coach: Vegetable paella in Barcelona.
Robbie Lemons, sophomore guard: The paella in Madrid, and the postgame dinner of chicken, beef and chorizo in Barcelona.
Brian Risso, communications/media relations: Tapas and a pasta dish from a restaurant called Ginger in Madrid.
Josh Owens, senior forward/center: Fried calamari. I was trying it for the first time.
Juan Pablo Reggiardo, sports performance coach: Seafood paella with roasted chicken and potatoes. I ate that meal on my first day in Spain and it was the best of the entire trip.
Jack Trotter, senior forward/center: Steak and potatoes for postgame meal in Vic after our game against FC Barcelona.
Andy Brown, junior forward: The wings and hickory burger at Hard Rock Cafe.
Charlie Miller, athletic trainer: Chicken breast after the game against Assignia Manresa.
Jarrett Mann, senior guard: Steak from the Olympic site on the first night in Barcelona.
Frederick Alexander, academic/video assistant: Rather than food I ate, it was food I looked at, like the lobster on Brandon Jackson's plate one night at dinner.
Natalie Chladek, administrative assistant: Cheese and croquettes at the Madrid market.

A look inside the Temple de la Sagrada Familia, one of the favorite tours during the trip.

Aaron Bright, sophomore guard: Stacks.
Andy Brown, junior forward: Celia's.
Charlie Miller, athletic trainer: Probably a Big American Breakfast from Denny's. It's my son's favorite.
Anthony Brown, sophomore guard/forward: Chipotle.
John Gage, sophomore forward/center: American Chinese.
Josh Huestis, sophomore forward: In-N-Out Burger with Krispy Kremes.
Charles Payne, assistant coach: A grilled chicken burrito at Jimmy V's.
Jarrett Mann, senior guard: Taco Bell.
Juan Pablo Reggiardo, sports performance coach: Spinach salad. For some reason, you only get iceberg lettuce out there.
Stefan Nastic, sophomore center: McDonald's.
Josh Owens, senior forward/center: Chicken and sausage pasta.
Dwight Powell, sophomore forward: Probably pizza at the hotel.
Brian Eskildsen, intern: Jimmy V's half breakfast. Best in the business.
Chasson Randle, freshman guard: Pizza in New York's JFK airport.
Brandon Jackson, manager: A turkey wing from Jimmy V's.
Andrew Zimmermann, senior forward: Spaghetti.

Dick Davey, associate head coach: Our visit to La Sagrada Familia.
John Gage, sophomore forward/center: La Sagrada Familia, because it was so beautiful and creative. 100 years in the making.
Josh Huestis, sophomore forward: The church in Murcia because it was so beautiful and means so much to people.
Robbie Lemons, sophomore guard: La Sagrada Familia. Very impressive architecture.
Johnny Dawkins, head coach: The castle in Alicante and La Sagrada Familia.
Stefan Nastic, sophomore center: Our private tour of the FC Barcelona Regal soccer stadium and museum.
Charles Payne, assistant coach: From the top of the castle of Santa Barbara in Alicante, you could see the Mediterranean Sea on one side and the city skyline on the other.
Brandon Jackson, manager: The beach at Alicante features some of the most beautiful swimmers in the world.
Josh Owens, senior forward/center: The castle in Alicante overlooking the beach. It was an impromptu trip after team meal and before the game. I didn't think we would have a chance to make it.
Dwight Powell, sophomore forward: Getting lost in Alicante.

Members of the team enjoying beach time in Cambrils.

Brian Risso, communications/media relations: Snagging some tickets to watch the Champion's League soccer match between FC Barcelona Regal and AC Milan. A unique atmosphere with passionate fans.
Jack Trotter, senior forward/center: Climbing the castle in Alicante. Great view.
Juan Pablo Reggiardo, sports performance coach: The Temple de la Sagrada Familia. Words don't do it justice. Go see it in person.
Andrew Zimmermann, senior forward: La Sagrada Familia. It was absolutely amazing on the inside.
Mike Schrage, assistant coach: The bullfighting arena in Madrid.
Jeff LaMere, director of operations: La Sagrada Familia, for its amazing architecture. And also the soccer game between FC Barcelona Regal and AC Milan.
Brian Eskildsen, intern: The views from the top of the castle in Alicante, where you could see the port, beach and rest of the city.

Andy Brown, junior forward: Robbie Lemons because his Spanish is phenomenal.
Anthony Brown, sophomore guard/forward: Robbie Lemons, as he is fluent in Spanish.
Josh Huestis, sophomore forward: Andrew Zimmermann. He can survive anything.
Natalie Chladek, administrative assistant: Juan Pablo Reggiardo, because he speaks Spanish and is a one-man anti-pickpocket brigade.
Stefan Nastic, sophomore center: Robbie Lemons, because he is ultimately a native speaker.
Jarrett Mann, senior guard: Andy Brown could survive on the beaches.
Jeff LaMere, director of operations: Josh Owens, because he already dresses like he's from Europe.
Robbie Lemons, sophomore guard: Andy Brown. His stomach is much improved.
Josh Owens, senior forward/center: Dwight Powell, because he mastered the art of selling goods on the beach.
Dwight Powell, sophomore forward: Andrew Zimmermann, because he mastered the art of beach sale. Also, he looks like Marc Gasol.
Chasson Randle, freshman guard: Robbie Lemons, because he can speak the language.
Brandon Jackson, manager: Stefan Nastic. He is an international connoisseur.
Andrew Zimmermann, senior forward: Robbie Lemons. He speaks the best Spanish.
Frederick Alexander, academic/video assistant: I'd say Juan Pablo (Reggiardo) or Stefan Nastic.

Chasson Randle averaged a team-high 11.0 points per game in six contests during the trip.

Mike Schrage, assistant coach: Quick passing and the physicality. The 24-second shot clock also makes a difference.
Charles Payne, assistant coach: All five European starters can shoot, pass and dribble.
Aaron Bright, sophomore guard: Everyone in Europe can shoot the three.
John Gage, sophomore forward/center: The ball. It's completely different as a shooter.
Natalie Chladek, administrative assistant: Europeans do not miss free throws.
Josh Huestis, sophomore forward: The physicality of the game.
Juan Pablo Reggiardo, sports performance coach: Speed of the game, how well they play as a collective unit, how skilled the players are and their intelligence level.
Robbie Lemons, sophomore guard: Emphasis on fundamentals. They just make the simpler play.
Stefan Nastic, sophomore center: Team efficiency on offense.
Josh Owens, senior forward/center: High basketball I.Q.
Johnny Dawkins, head coach: The ball movement and patient shooting is excellent. I also think it was an adjustment with the travel calls for our guys.
Dwight Powell, sophomore forward: Tempo and physicality.
Jeff LaMere, director of operations: Spacing, ball movement and travel calls.
Chasson Randle, freshman guard: The 24-second shot clock.
Andrew Zimmermann, senior forward: The spacing and ball movement.
Brian Eskildsen, intern: European teams have at least four, sometimes five, guys who can really shoot. This spreads the court and creates driving angles. The travel calls are frustrating because American referees do not call it as often.

Aaron Bright, sophomore guard: "Party Rock Anthem" by LMFAO.
Brian Eskildsen, intern: "Born in the U.S.A" by Bruce Springsteen.
Anthony Brown, sophomore guard/forward: "Party Rock Anthem" by LMFAO.
Jarrett Mann, senior guard: "Party Rock Anthem" by LMFAO.
Brian Risso, communications/media relations: "On The Floor" by Jennifer Lopez.
Stefan Nastic, sophomore center: "Party Rock Anthem" by LMFAO.
Mike Schrage, assistant coach: Anything from Britney Spears and Katy Perry.
Brandon Jackson, manager: "Give Me Everything" by Pitbull.
Dwight Powell, sophomore forward: "Party Rock Anthem" by LMFAO.
Chasson Randle, freshman guard: "Party Rock Anthem" by LMFAO.
Charles Payne, assistant coach: The national anthem before games was the only music I heard.
Jack Trotter, senior forward/center: "Party Rock Anthem" by LMFAO.
Frederick Alexander, academic/video assistant: "Give Me Everything" by Pitbull. He's very annoying.
Natalie Chladek, administrative assistant: I remember a lot of Britney (Spears) at the games played in Vic. But the national anthem singer was great!

Andy Brown, junior forward: Not a watch for 15 Euro that broke five minutes later.
Natalie Chladek, administrative assistant: A postcard of La Sagrada Familia for my college roommate because we visited Barcelona together three years ago.
Anthony Brown, sophomore guard/forward: Some KFC in Alicante.
John Gage, sophomore forward/center: A back rub on the beach for five Euro.
Dick Davey, associate head coach: Soccer jerseys for my grandkids.
Josh Huestis, sophomore forward: McDonald's and Burger King.
Josh Owens, senior forward/center: An FC Barcelona flag.
Chasson Randle, freshman guard: A converter.
Juan Pablo Reggiardo, sports performance coach: That will depend on the reaction I get when I give the gifts!
Mike Schrage, assistant coach: A soccer jersey for my son, Andrew.
Jack Trotter, senior forward/center: An FC Barcelona flag.
Brian Eskildsen, intern: Botifarra, a grilled sausage with tomato from the concession stand before our game against Assignia Manresa.
Frederick Alexander, academic/video assistant: A suit! A great piece to remember our memorable stop in Cambrils.
Andrew Zimmermann, senior forward: A pair of sunglasses.
Charlie Miller, athletic trainer: The FC Barcelona jersey I just bought this morning.

One of many team photos taken with tourists.

Johnny Dawkins, head coach: In addition to the cultural experience, we had a rare opportunity to play against some of the best competition in the world. Real Madrid and FC Barcelona Regal have both beaten NBA teams. We also played in some great environments, which should help our guys.
Aaron Bright, sophomore guard: I spent a lot of time with my brothers.
Andy Brown, junior forward: We became closer as a team and got to experience an entirely different culture.
Brian Eskildsen, intern: The players were placed into unfamiliar and uncomfortable settings at times, and came out as a tighter unit.
Anthony Brown, sophomore guard/forward: The sightseeing, spending time with teammates and playing against tough, international competition.
Dick Davey, associate head coach: I believe we got a lot better as a team.
Josh Huestis, sophomore forward: I got to spend time with my best friends.
Jeff LaMere, director of operations: The team was challenged and faced adversity. We grew together as a group and will be stronger from the experience.
Jarrett Mann, senior guard: We bonded as a team.
Josh Owens, senior forward/center: Spent time on and off the court bonding with the team and experiencing amazing locations.
Brandon Jackson, manager: We all got closer as a team, including players and coaching/support staff.
Dwight Powell, sophomore forward: The team really bonded and grew as a family.
Charles Payne, assistant coach: We got to spend time with each other playing basketball and enjoying Spain. It was a unique experience that brought us closer as a team.
Andrew Zimmermann, senior forward: We did a lot of stuff together as a team and have a lot of stories.
Juan Pablo Reggiardo, sports performance coach: The quality of competition, experiencing a new culture with warm people and great food and the incredible opportunity for us to become closer as a team.



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