Innovative Curriculum

Our curriculum is designed to transform students — expanding their ideas, knowledge, and capabilities and preparing them to think, act, and even dream differently than when they arrived. During their first year, MBA students are greeted by a challenging curriculum divided into:

  • Perspectives courses such as Ethics in Management and Strategic Leadership, to give them the broad context of managerial issues.
  • Foundations courses to provide the groundwork, such as how to use accounting to understand the performance of a company or how to build models and use economic theory to project future outcomes.

In addition to these curricular challenges, we work to help students develop capabilities necessary to lead, to achieve, and to change the world — to help them reach heights they may not have imagined when they arrived. We do this in three areas:

  • Critical Analytical Thinking — the ability to construct and recognize solid logical arguments, their underlying assumptions, and their limitations.
  • Personal Leadership — a deep self-awareness of their own strengths, weaknesses, and even identity, coupled with an understanding of myriad influence styles and how best to use them.
  • Innovative Thinking — the ability to think creatively and to develop new solutions to old problems.