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GSB Black Alumni

BBSA Gala 2015

The mission of the GSB Black Alumni is to continuously improve Stanford GSB by helping to recruit, retain, and support black GSB students, alumni, faculty, and staff.

We aim to foster the development of the Stanford GSB network and serve as a forum to inspire leadership and address issues that affect African-Americans. Lastly, we hope to have an impact at Stanford GSB through our economic support.

Core Values

  • Community: We foster an environment of individual and collective responsiveness between Stanford GSB alumni, students, and the institution.
  • Development: We are focused on serving the professional development needs of our members.
  • Unity: Working together we believe we can achieve more impact.
  • Self-Empowerment: We enjoy the responsibility of continually improving our situation.
  • Inspirational Leadership: We strive to be role models for the African-American community.

Big Goals

  • Host a premiere event for black students, alumni, and professionals each year
  • Increase the number of black faculty and staff at Stanford GSB
  • Establish active participation across all MBA classes


  • The GSB Black Alumni is visible and vibrant in the professional world and has a significant voice on the Stanford GSB campus in terms of access, influence, and impact.
  • The black Stanford GSB network is well developed and functioning with annual events and strong ties between members.
  • The black community is well-respected and highly-valued for its significant contributions to the Stanford GSB experience.