The Corporate Entrepreneur: Driving Innovation and New Ventures

The Corporate Entrepreneur: Driving Innovation and New Ventures

Small-Team Participation

Develop your company’s idea or tackle a business challenge guaranteed if four to six participants from one company attend.

Key Benefits

Bringing four to six employees from the same organization to The Corporate Entrepreneur offers a unique opportunity to work on a company-specific project. Key benefits of participating as a team:

  • Learn the tools for leading a new venture within the context of your own organization’s culture and processes.
  • Ideate and execute a specific project that can potentially transform your organization, create a new revenue stream, or revolutionize a process.
  • Step outside the corporate environment and gain exposure to Silicon Valley innovation to create impact for your organization.
  • Gain access to multiple exclusive project meetings as a team with faculty and a coach, as well as a dedicated team space.

Individual participants who are not part of a dedicated company team will be placed into a team by the faculty director; there is no guarantee as to whose project idea will be chosen for the team to work on. However, teams made up of participants from the same company are guaranteed to work on their own projects.

To Qualify as a Team

  • Attend with four to six participants from the same company. The group may be an existing team or may be a team created for this program. Participants who hold various titles and come from different functional areas and levels will be accepted.
  • Have access to a company sponsor and mentor who will vet project ideas, advise, and provide necessary resources.
  • Commit to having dedicated time to drive the project forward between the on-campus modules.