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The Stanford Business Webinar Series

Expect the Unexpected: From Chaos to Control
Thursday, March 10, 2016, 10:00 am – 11:00 am Pacific Time

Past Webinars

J.D. Schramm, MBA Class of 1978 Lecturer in Organizational Behavior

Why are some leaders better at communicating than others? And how does being an LGBT leader strengthen and influence your effectiveness?

David Bradford, Eugene D. O'Kelly II Senior Lecturer in Leadership, Emeritus, Stanford Graduate School of Business

If you want to get ahead these days, you need strong relationships—and strong management skills. That includes “managing up,” as they say. But what are the key skills needed to successfully gain access to greater resources, permission, and support?

Lindred Greer, Assistant Professor of Organizational Behavior

Conflicts are inevitable. Left unchecked, they drag your team down. You don’t have time for that. The good news is there are proven ways to manage conflicts—and keep your team focused on your goals.

Baba Shiv, Sanwa Bank, Limited, Professor of Marketing; Faculty Director, The Innovative Technology Leader Program

Join Stanford Graduate School of Business (GSB) Professor Baba Shiv for this live webinar as he previews a new Stanford Executive Education program for senior technology leaders, The Innovative Techology Leader, and shares insights from neuroscience that technology leaders need to know to enhance their user's experiences. This one-hour webinar features a 30-minute session that will examine the importance of perception and often non-conscious beliefs in shaping reality when making technological decisions.

Ilya Strebulaev, Associate Professor of Finance

In today's competitive global economy, the role of chief financial officer has expanded, demanding a dynamic blend of finance expertise, strategic thinking, and leadership skills. The Stanford Graduate School of Business Executive Education has created a unique new program, The Emerging CFO: Strategic Financial Leadership Program (ECFO) to provide senior finance executives with insights and tools to make better strategic financial decisions, build strategic partnerships with key stakeholders, and assess their own personal leadership styles to become more effective leaders.