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Q:What is the Stanford Executive Education teaching approach?
A:The Stanford academic experience is rigorous, and all faculty who teach in our Executive Education programs also teach in our highly ranked, world-renowned MBA program. Drawing on their own research as well as current trends in business thinking, our faculty teach frameworks that address the most critical challenges facing global business leaders. Professors are available before and after their sessions to talk with participants and engage in the innovative, experiential learning for which Stanford is celebrated. During evening study-group sessions, participants can exchange ideas and perspectives from the day’s learning with their fellow participants.
Q:How many participants are in a program?
A:Our programs are purposely limited in size to maximize opportunities for faculty-student engagement. Depending on the program, participant numbers can range from 30 to 60 for our one- or two-week programs.
Q:Who attends the programs?
A:Depending on the program, our participants are typically global senior-level managers from larger companies, with high-level managerial responsibility within their organizations. See “Who Should Attend?” on each program’s webpage for specific information.
Q:What will I receive upon completion of my program?
A:Every program participant receives a certificate of completion signed by the program faculty director. If you attend the Stanford Executive Program (our six-week general management program), you will also receive Stanford Graduate School of Business alumni status.
Q: Does participation in a program provide credit towards a degree?
A:No. Stanford Executive Education offers only stand-alone programs focused on specific business topics. Participants receive a certificate signed by faculty upon completion.
Q:Does Stanford offer an executive MBA program?
A:No. Stanford only offers a full-time, two-year residential MBA program. However, we also offer the following programs:
• Stanford MSx program (Master of Science in Management for Experienced Leaders, one-year residential program)
• Stanford Executive Program (six-week, general management residential program for senior executives)
• Stanford Ignite (nine-week, part-time certificate business program for current non-business master’s, PhD, MD, and post-doctorate students)
Q:Who is eligible for acceptance to Stanford Executive Education programs?
A:Acceptance is based on the distinct requirements for each program. Please see the program page and “Who Should Attend?” for details. Submitting an application does not guarantee admission. An admissions committee will review all completed applications based on the program’s criteria for admission.
Q:How long is the application?
A:The application takes about 25 minutes to complete.
Q: How will I know that my application was received?

A:Applicants will receive a confirmation of receipt by email within 72 hours of submitting an application. Please email executive_education@gsb.stanford.edu or call 866.542.2205 (toll-free, U.S.A Canada only) or 650.723.3341 with any questions about the status of your application.


Q:How soon will I hear about my acceptance to a program?

A: For many programs, there is a rolling admission process and applications are reviewed on an ongoing basis. At the latest, you will hear back within four weeks after submitting an application. We are sensitive to the applicants’ need to know their admissions status and will try our best to balance that with our admissions process. Applications received after the application deadline will be considered on a space-available basis.


Q:Do I have to submit payment for the program along with my application?

A:No. An admissions committee will review your application first to determine eligibility. Payment is due upon notification of admission.


Q:What does tuition include?

A:Tuition includes private accommodations in the Executive Residences at the Schwab Residential Center, meals, and course materials. Some exceptions apply; please see the specific program’s webpage for complete details.


Q:Do you offer scholarships or grants for your programs?

A: No. Stanford does not offer any scholarships or grants for our Executive Education programs.


Q:Do you offer discounts for your programs?

A:Members of Stanford’s Graduate School of Business Alumni Association receive a 15% discount on open-enrollment programs offered by the GSB’s Executive Education Department. Stanford Executive Program (SEP) and Stanford Innovation & Entrepreneurship Certificate Program (SI&E) are excluded.

Members of the Stanford Alumni Association (SAA) receive a $300 discount on the open enrollment programs offered by the GSB’s Executive Education Department. Stanford Executive Program (SEP) and Stanford Innovation & Entrepreneurship Certificate Program (SI&E) are excluded.


Q:Can I get a discount if I don’t stay on campus?

A:Accommodations are included in the cost of most on-campus programs, and discounts are not available. To get the most from the program experience, we recommend that participants stay on campus with others in their program.


Q:What if my schedule changes and I need to cancel? Are there cancellation fees?

A:We understand that senior executives occasionally have changes in plans or schedules that will result in their not being able to attend the program as planned. Each of our programs offers a cancellation policy; please check the individual program’s webpage for details.


Q:Do I need a visa to attend a program?

A:The B1/B2 visa (for participation in scientific, educational, professional, or business conventions, conferences, or seminars) is the appropriate visa for entry into the United States from required countries. When applying for a visa, you should include the Stanford program admission letter with your visa application. It is important to emphasize that the visit is for business purposes.


Q:What are the Executive Residences like?

A:The Schwab Residential Center epitomizes the indoor/outdoor California lifestyle. Each private room accommodates a single participant and is complete with private bath and shared kitchenette. There are many indoor and outdoor common areas for relaxing and socializing with other participants. The Center has its own fitness center, and all Stanford athletic facilities are also available for participants’ use.


Q:Do I need to stay on campus during the program?

A:While not mandatory, a key part of the Stanford executive education experience is the opportunity to stay on campus, and accommodations are included in the cost of most on-campus programs. The Executive Residences at the Schwab Residential Center are conveniently located directly across a courtyard from our classrooms, making it easy for participants to take advantage of evening study groups, work sessions, and networking opportunities. On-campus and nearby cafés, restaurants, and workout facilities help provide a productive, carefree learning experience.


Q:Are spouses, families or guests allowed to stay with us during program week?

A:Executive Residences at the Schwab Residential Center are single occupancy rooms and the programs are not designed for participants to bring spouses, family members or guests along. The Schwab Residential Center is used exclusively for executive education participants and Stanford MBA students. If your spouse or family plans to stay in the area during your program, it would be best for them to stay at a local hotel.


Q:Will I have time in my schedule to visit with family and friends during my program week?

A:To maximize your investment, the program schedule is designed to be intense, often including morning and/or evening study groups. While there is typically some free time in the afternoons, it is often used by participants to prepare reading assignments for the next day. We encourage program participants to dine with and enjoy the conversation of their fellow participants as this is considered part of the executive education program experience. Participants who fully immerse themselves in the program will get the most out of their time at Stanford and the most out of the relationships that they build while here.


Q:What if I need to arrive earlier than my program start date or stay later?

A:Our hospitality team will try to accommodate your request. However, there may be some situations where additional fees may apply.


Q:What is the recommended attire?

A:Our California climate is temperate year-round, with comfortably warm days and pleasantly cool evenings. Business casual clothing is recommended for program sessions.


Q:The program schedules look very full. Is there any leisure time?

A:Naturally, you come to Stanford ready to learn; however, we appreciate the importance of life-work balance. The amount of free time will vary with each program. There will be times during the day when you can relax, exercise, take a walk on our beautiful campus, or visit downtown Palo Alto for shopping or leisure. A campus shuttle is available to transport you to downtown or anywhere on campus.