Approved Caterers

There are three approved vendors for all catering at the Knight Management Center: Bon Appetit, Coupa Cafe, and Schwab Catering. The Schwab Residential Center has its own executive chef and no outside caterers are permitted.

All of our caterers are committed to working with our community to develop menus and to work within department budgets to the extent possible. If you do not see certain things on catering menus, just ask and they can likely create them. The chefs are always interested in meeting with event planners to develop menus.

Bon Appetit has the alcohol license for all alcohol served at the Knight Management Center. For the protection of the University, department functions in which alcohol is served should be done with an ABC license and served by a certified server. By having Bon Appetit do this service, we can be sure all alcohol is served according to policies and the law. Students are required to work through the Student Activities and Leadership department to obtain approvals for serving alcohol. If you prefer to purchase your own beer and wine, Bon Appetit has a corkage fee rate.

Please see our Catering page for contact information and catering menus.