Reservation Policies

University Sponsorship

All meetings and events held at the Graduate School of Business must comply with University policies. Correspondingly, the meeting or event must be related to the academic, research, or programmatic mission of the University and requires a Stanford-department sponsor that organizes and is responsible for the event. A University sponsor is:

  • Stanford academic departments, schools and institutes
  • Administrative offices within and operating on behalf of the University
  • Registered and approved student groups within the University as approved by the Office of Student Activities & Leadership
  • Non-academic departments recognized by the President's Office
  • The Associated Students of Stanford University (ASSU)

The event sponsor will be responsible for the program planning of the event and must provide a valid Stanford University PTA account for payment of fees associated with room use. The sponsor must identify at least one Stanford person who will act as a main contact at the event. Proof of compliance with the University's sponsorship policy may be required and the Graduate School of Business reserves the right to cancel reservations for those who do not meet the requirements.

Major Events

Activities using multiple locations or with 200+ participants will be required to submit a detailed timeline/agenda prior to the event. Student-sponsored events must have approval of the Office of Student Activities; GSB students should consult with the GSB Student Life Office.

Outdoor Facilities

Requests for outdoor spaces will be reviewed to ensure that there are no potential noise issues that might conflict with concurrent events and normal business operations in the surrounding areas. Parties requesting usage of outdoor spaces must submit a layout showing the planned arrangement of furniture and other equipment. Golf carts/delivery vehicles are not permitted in the courtyards; please work with your assigned event coordinator on appropriate arrangements for deliveries.


Each room is set up with a specific configuration of tables and chairs to make the best use of that particular space. Our custodians will move and arrange all "house" furniture for use in meeting rooms. Your event coordinator will work with you to understand your specific needs and schedule the room setup.  There is no fee for standard room setup. For additional furnishings or room changes, additional fees will apply.

Equipment and Labor

Most of our indoor spaces include audio-visual equipment. Please include time in your reservation for setup and to test your laptop with the AV equipment. Although the use of the equipment is included in your room usage fee, technical support is not. If your event requires AV support, this must be arranged in advance and additional fees will apply.

CEMEX Auditorium, the Oberndorf Event Center, and Seawell Family Boardroom are equipped with additional technology that may only be used with a qualified technician. To make these arrangements, please request support in your initial room request. Only specified technicians are allowed in the control booths/rooms. Additional fees will apply.


All basic rates include existing furnishings (standard setup), use of installed AV equipment, and custodial services. Additional labor rate may apply for customized room setups or events over 95 people. If an AV technician is required, additional charges will apply.  For specific details, please consult with one of our Event Coordinators via email.

Advertising and Publications

In all external communications regarding your event, please use the formal building names and room titles. This information can be found on our website and in your event confirmation. Use only stands/easels provided by us to post signage for your event; please arrange with us in advance for the use of our sign holders and appropriate posting locations.

Building and Room Access

The buildings are generally open to the public from 7:30 a.m. to 5:15 p.m., Monday through Friday. For after-hours events, we will unlock and lock the doors to your reserved spaces based on your event start and event end times noted in your space confirmation. Additional security measures may be required depending on the size and nature of the event. The event sponsor will be responsible for any fees associated with the additional security measures.

Janitorial Service, Cleanup and Damages

The event sponsor/coordinator is responsible for removing all d├ęcor, personal items, and meeting materials at event completion. The Graduate School of Business will provide basic custodial services within the cost of your room usage fee. Depending on the size and duration of your event additional cleaning may be required; please consult with your assigned event coordinator. Damage to the facility caused by the client, guests of the client, or a third-party vendor employed by the client will be billed to the event sponsor for additional cleaning, cost of repair or full replacement. These costs are above and beyond the standard room usage fees.

University Courses

Registered University courses are scheduled with the Registrar's Office for academic credit. To use CEMEX Auditorium for an academic course, please email the Registrar's Office.