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Alumni Conferences

A Recap of the Fall 2010 Reunion Weekend

Emotion vs. analysis was a reunion weekend lecture delivered by Professor Baba Shiv. Other events included a roundtable discussion on Longevity and the Boomers, and an alumni panel on Creating a Life of Meaning and Purpose.

AARP Leader Calls for Relieving Stress on ‘Sandwich Generation’

Extending productivity into old age will lessen the strain on the ‘Sandwich Generation’ that simultaneously cares for children and parents, Barry Rand, Sloan ’72/MBA ’73, said at a Stanford Roundtable discussion on “Longevity and the Boomers.”

CEOs Donahoe and Thiry Talk Leadership Challenges with Recent MBA Grads

Bankruptcy, layoffs, and other corporate troubles can be opportunities if leaders are clear and disciplined, two CEOs told a large crowd of managers and entrepreneurs who were back at the Stanford Graduate School of Business for their class reunions. The younger alums were also advised to be clear and disciplined about carving out time for their personal lives.


Alumni Weekend

What Went Down at the 2009 Fall Reunions

An overview of Alumni Weekend features awards presentations, discussions on aging, as well as a slideshow of alums.


Reduce Your Ecological Footprint (2008)

Good Scolding Can Save Natural Resources
An experiment showed that a stern scolding was effective in getting homeowners to curb energy use. It was one of the examples cited during a three-day conference on reducing the ecological footprint, sponsored by the Stanford Business School Alumni Association and the University’s Woods Institute for the Environment. View conference online

About Forty Years Until the Oil Runs Out

If the world had to rely on the United States for all of its oil, the supply wouldn’t last very long—one year to be exact, speakers told a conference titled “Reduce Your Ecological Footprint."
View conference online

Demand for Green Buildings Increases at Stanford
Buildings in the United States account for more than 40 percent of the nation’s carbon emissions and use three-fourths of all electricity the nation produces, speakers told an alumni conference. Stanford University is fighting back with plans for greener buildings.


Is Chest Beating as Good for People as It Is for Primates?

Social hierarchies and dominance displays have a valuable place in negotiating cooperation, status, and paths to power, according to Lara Tiedens, associate professor of organizational behavior. One bit of advice: Look big and stare the other guy right in the eye. (March 2007)

Sloan 50th Anniversary

Traits that Define Leadership
Taking risks, being fully engaged in the challenges of one’s organization, and being prepared to give up everything for one’s values and principles, are four traits that define leadership said speakers at the 2007 Stanford Sloan Master’s Program anniversary celebration.

Sloan Graduates Take the Road Less Traveled

The Sloan Master’s Program celebrated its 50th anniversary in September 2007, drawing hundreds of program alumni to campus, including some with rather untraditional career paths.

Alumni Entrepreneur Reunion

Entrepreneurs Ponder What’s Next
Selling your company for a hefty sum sounds like every entrepreneur’s dream, but at a recent alumni gathering, sponsored by the Center for Entrepreneurial Studies, attendees agreed it can be hard to figure out what to do next.


Alumni Weekend

2006 Alumni Weekend: Run as Fast as You Can: The Red Queen of Competition Improves Organizational Performance
Organizations that don't keep changing eventually become punished for being really good at what used to be rewarded, according to Professor William Barnett. Like the Red Queen of Alice in Wonderland, businesses have to move fast to keep even with the competition. (October 2006)


London Alumni Conference

Joss Challenges Alumni to Change the World
Business is a social institution that can solve world challenges, Dean Robert Joss told the spring Stanford Alumni Conference held in London. "It is not enough to just push the boundaries of knowledge; we need to use this to impact the world," said Joss.


Alumni Weekend
Each fall and spring, classes are invited back to campus to catch up with classmates, participate in learning opportunities, and reconnect with the GSB.


European Alumni Conference

Alumnni Weekend

What Led to Enron, WorldCom and the Like?
Increases in executive compensation and stock options, jumps in incentives to manage earnings, and major shifts in the structure of auditing firms are just a few of the changes that led to loss of money and public confidence in corporations during the past decade, Stanford Business School Professor Maureen McNichols told an alumni audience.

GSB Women's Conference

Entrepreneur Describes the Path to Profitability
Kathy Sherbrooke, MBA '94, describes the ins and outs she and classmate Janet Kraus shared to develop and enjoy the success of their entrepreneurial vision, a $15 million firm called Circles. Sherbrooke shared her experience at the Business School's spring Women's Conference.

Leaders Need Passion and Perseverance Coleman Tells Women's Conference
The fear of being powerful is a stumbling block for many leaders, high tech veteran Debi Coleman, MBA '78, told the Business School's Women's Conference attendees.


GSB Women's Conference

Businesswomen Discuss Career Changes, Global Management, Skills to Reach Top
Whether choosing to break through a glass ceiling or follow their passions on a path less traveled, today's women in business must first know what they want said speakers at the seventh annual Women in Business Conference. (February 2001)