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Entrepreneurship Conferences

Available Money and Billions of Internet Users Attract Venture Capitalists
The U.S. economy is still sluggish, but venture capitalists who spoke at Stanford said the outlook for investing is bullish.

Conference Focuses on IT Growth in Palestine

By capitalizing on its educated labor pool, proximity to Israel, and technical strength, information technology has become the fastest growing part of the Palestinian economy, speakers told a day-long conference co-sponsored by the MBA student Middle East and North Africa Club.

Successful Entrepreneurs Survive Being Told "No"

In the 1980s, John Paul DeJoria weathered 12% inflation and 18% interest rates. It was a tough path but he succeeded in founding John Paul Mitchell Systems, a hair care firm that registered $900 million in sales in 2010.

Empowered Employees Make the Difference, Says Four Seasons CEO Sharp

Hiring people who embrace the hotel's customer-focused credo has made the Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts chain a success, Founder Isadore Sharp told the Entrepreneurship Conference at the Stanford Graduate School of Business. And giving the firm's front-line employees power to make decisions has added to that.

There Is Still Money Out There, Speakers Tell
Entrepreneurship Conference

Starting a company is never easy. Today’s economic turmoil just makes it a little more interesting, entrepreneurs told the annual Graduate School of Business Entrepreneurship Conference.

Startups Learn to Roll With the Punches
Penchina Tells Entrepreneurs

Making mistakes doesn’t scare Gil Penchina, chief executive officer of Wikia. His company, which develops ‘wikis,’ has made plenty of missteps and is prepared to make more he told the 2008 Conference on Entrepreneurship.

10 Ideas For Entrepreneurs Facing Personnel Issues
How do you hire, fire, and figure out what to pay the employees of your new startup firm? Irv Grousbeck of the Business School's Center for Entrepreneurial Studies has a list of 10 ideas. (May 2007)

Entrepreneurs Ponder What's Next
Selling your company for a hefty sum sounds like every entrepreneur's dream, but at a recent alumni gathering, sponsored by the Center for Entrepreneurial Studies, attendees agreed it can be hard to figure out what to do next.(May 2007)

Pixar Keeps Its Crises Small, Says Founder Catmull
Even though it can be a painful process, ironing out the little problems can avoid the big disasters, Pixar's Ed Catmull told the Business School's annual Entrepreneurship Conference. (January 2007)

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Conference Asks: What Drives Innovation?
The impact of the internet on industry and society is still unfolding, Google CEO Eric Schmidt told the Roads to Innovation Conference, and it offers huge opportunities. (November 2006)
Eric Schmidt, (42:42 minutes)

Entrepreneurial Instincts
Nascent businesses need trained leaders, but instincts must come into play for decisions such as hiring the right people or the best time to make a move agreed panelists at the annual Entrepreneurship Conference. (February 2006)

Entrepreneurs Say Adversity Creates Valuable Lessons
Sometimes it's the things that go wrong that create the most valuable lessons, agreed speakers at the 2006 Stanford Graduate School of Business Entrepreneurship Conference. (February 2006)

Entrepreneurs Share a Universal Hunger to Build Things
Successful entrepreneurs share a need to build things. Speakers including Amazon's Jeff Bezos, Pat House of Seibel Systems, and Donna Dubinsky of Handspring agree, the good ones stay focused and don't listen to the naysayers. (February 2005)

Google Chairman Optimistic about Entrepreneurial Trends
Successful entrepreneurs need to focus on their customers, check their egos at the door, and avoid the paralysis of trying to make things perfect speakers said at the eighth annual Stanford Conference on Entrepreneurship, held Feb. 21 at the Graduate School of Business. (February 2004)

It's the People Skills!
Strong people skills and lots of well researched references are two hallmarks of building a successful entrepreneurial core team, a group of business founders told the Stanford Business School's annual Entrepreneurship Conference. (February 2003)

Being First Isn't Always a Blessing for a Startup, Says Marc Andreessen
One result of the bursting bubble is that today's companies have less competition and more time to develop good ideas that will sustain them, Marc Andreessen of Opsware told the annual Entrepreneurship Conference. (February 2003)

The Pace Has Slowed but Silicon Valley Still Attracts Entrepreneurs
The year 2002 is a great time to start a new company—if you go about it the right way. (February 2002)

Knowing When to Leave May Be the Key to Startup Success

Knowing when to step aside and hire a CEO to run the company may be one of the most important things an entrepreneur can do agreed participants at the Stanford Business School’s fourth annual Entrepreneurship Conference.