Digital Technology

Jonathan Abrams, the founder and former CEO of the social networking website Friendster, was asked by MBA students how to survive the torrential waters of entrepreneurship. His response: "I don't know."
Since taking over as CEO of Zappos, Tony Hsieh has vowed to do whatever it takes to keep his employees, customers, and vendors happy. He told a business school audience his strategy leads to profits in the end.
MBA avatars
A five-day MBA course on putting together a business plan took place in an online environment as part of a distance-learning experiment.
In the 1990s IBM appeared headed for extinction. Today it is again a leading technology competitor. In an award-winning paper, Charles O'Reilly of the Stanford Graduate School of Business and his coauthors tracked how, by being ambidextrous, Big Blue avoided going the way of the dodo bird.
Stanford Graduate School of Business Diploma Ceremony
Creating a new annual tradition, the Stanford Graduate School of Business has named philanthropist and entrepreneur Jeff Skoll as its first graduation speaker. He will address business school graduates at Stanford June 12. Skoll, MBA '95, was the first president of eBay, and is the founder of the Skoll Foundation, the Skoll Global Threats Fund, and Participant Media, which has produced feature...