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Hot Topics

Hot topics pages group together information and videos about research, speeches, books, conferences and other resources from the Stanford Graduate School of Business related to a central topic.

Board Governance
Nonprofits today operate more like businesses, taking on programs that traditionally were in the domain of government. Nonprofit board members describe their evolving role and best practices for successfully accomplishing the missions of nonprofit organizations.

Corporate Social Responsibility
Pressure is on public corporations to actively embrace responsible behaviors in environmental, labor, and social practices.

Stanford Educational Leadership Institute (SELI), a joint partnership of the Business School's Center for Social Innovation and the School of Education, invites speakers to share their vision on how to improve student achievement, maximize human and employee performance, and optimize organizational and community development to create effective change.

Research in entrepreneurship addresses issues facing entrepreneurs and growing companies, as well as all general managers.

Gender and Diversity Issues
Researchers explore how gender differences and diversity issues affect the organization.

Global Awareness
Success in the global economy is knowing what it takes to be a world-class organization and how to build one that spans multiple countries, cultures, and economic or political systems.


The Business School offers a variety of resources to support the study and practice of leadership.

Philanthropists today dissolve traditional boundaries between for-profit and not-for-profit. For corporate titans the global philanthropy game is about investing in the most promising agents of change.

Social Entrepreneurship
As the nonprofit sector evolves, institutions may become social enterprises—developing hybrid business models with earned-income streams or adopting best practices from business management literature.

Social Innovation
Research from the Center for Social Innovation strengthens the capacity of organizations and individuals to develop innovative solutions to social problems.

Speakers describe their work and ideas about innovative solutions for a sustainable world.

Teams and Networks
Research by Business School faculty probes topics that examine teamwork, networking, and collaboration.

The Nobel Laureates
Meet Stanford Business School's Nobel laureates.

Madoff Scandal

The arrest of financial titan Bernard Madoff on December 11, 2008has shaken an already shaky Wall Street. Accused of running perhaps the largest 'Ponzi' scheme in history, Madoff's career is now the subject of intense scrutiny by journalists, lawyers and legislators alike.