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Global Perspective

Mobile Banking Takes Off in Nigeria
A 2005 Stanford MBA says that mobile technology devices are revolutionizing banking and other services in Africa, similar to the way computers revolutionized industrialized countries.

Rupert Scofield photoSocial Enterprise Pioneer Scofield Created the World Bank for the Poor
Social enterprises hold potential to "effect the kinds of changes our society needs right now," social entrepreneur Rupert Scofield told a Stanford student audience.

Kristie Lu Stout photoChinese Take Creative Approach to Internet Censorship
Chinese internet users have devised an array of creative ways to navigate around government censorship of China's cyberspace, CNN correspondent Kristie Lu Stout told a Stanford audience.

Anibal Cavaci Silva photoPresident of Portugal Talks Innovation, European Debt Crisis in Stanford Speech
Portuguese President Aníbal Cavaco Silva was in the Bay Area to meet with representatives of business, finance and education to encourage the establishment of closer connections with the institutions of his country. Not surprisingly, attention was focused on the European debt crisis and recent political events in Greece and Italy.

The Challenge of Building a Manufacturing Presence in Liberia
Building a fair-trade manufacturing business in Liberia is helping entrepreneur Chid Liberty realize a goal. "You can make money and do good at the same time," he told a Stanford University audience.

Laura Chinchilla photoCosta Rica Strives for a High Tech Future Says President Chinchilla
Costa Rica now exports 4,000 products and is working to attract more technology companies President Laura Chinchilla told a Stanford Graduate School of Business audience as the nation broadens its economic base from the focus on eco-tourism.


Video Race, Gender and Social Class Still Matter
Social class can be as much of a barrier to success as race or gender, Stanford trustee Miriam Rivera, MBA '95, said during a discussion of life in  today's post-racial society titled "Access, Success, Impact: How Low-income Students of Color Succeed in College and Beyond." Related Article

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On Leading Organizations

Ian Davis photoSuccessful Leaders Share Five Traits, Says Ian Davis
Successful leaders share five traits that are more important than where they rank within their organizations, retired McKinsey senior partner Ian Davis told a Stanford MBA audience.

Yvon Chouinard photoPatagonia Keeps a Close Eye on Its Supply Chain
Seen as a leader in sustainable business practices, Patagonia tracks every step in the manufacture of its products to be sure there are "no unintended consequences of our actions," says founder Yvon Chouinard.

Kent Thiry photoDeveloping Successful Leaders: DaVita's CEO Says It Takes a Village
Leadership is not something that can easily be taught. Management can be taught, but leadership is a human skill that requires learning about yourself and other human beings, Kent Thiry, CEO of DaVita, told a Stanford Graduate School of Business audience.

Bill George photoLeaders Need a High Emotional IQ to Succeed, Says Bill George
Bill George accepted criticism from college classmates and later changed companies to find a more satisfying career, the professor and author told a Stanford Graduate School of Business audience.

Capital One Is Ready to Become the Biggest Virtual Bank
Today it’s the nation’s eighth-largest bank, but CEO Richard Fairbank, MBA ’81, says Capital One is poised to become the nation’s largest online banking network.

Robert Iger photoBroad Experience Gives Iger the Disney Touch
Iger and Disney Have Survived Singing Cops and Moms on Mars.


Ever-Changing Airline Industry Provides Diverse Challenges, United CEO Says
The aviation industry has to navigate through government regulations, natural disasters, economic storms, and labor negotiations, challenges that Jeff Smisek, president and CEO of the world's largest carrier, United Continental Holdings, says he finds fascinating.


Sally Osberg photoWhy are Social Entrepreneurs Like Ginger Rogers?
Social entrepreneurs, those organizations and individuals who work to improve major social issues, don't have the networks and financial systems of traditional entrepreneurs, Sally Osberg, president of the Skoll Foundation told a Stanford MBA audience.


Cory Booker photoCory Booker: High School Education is the Key to America's Success
"If you don't have a high school education in America, you are chained to limited options," Cory Booker, mayor of Newark, N.J., told the Goldman Sachs/Stanford University Global Education Conference.