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The Ernest C. Arbuckle Award, presented annually by the Stanford business School Alumni Association, recognizes excellence in the field of management leadership. The award was created in 1968 in honor of the late Business School dean whose name it bears. Recipients, who are graduates of the School or have played an important role at the School, demonstrate a commitment to both managerial excellence and to addressing the changing needs of society. (Recipients titles reflect their position at the time they were honored)


Penny Pritzker's Latest Challenge: Helping Fix Public Schools

Public education that prepares a workforce for tomorrow's needs is the cause that most challenges her, said Penny Pritzker, JD/MBA '84, the 2011 recipient of the business school's Arbuckle Award.

Novogratz Honored with Excellence in Leadership Award

The 2011 Excellence in Leadership Award was presented to Jacqueline Novogratz, MBA '91, founder and CEO, Acumen Fund, for her significant contributions in the field of microfinance.


2010 Arbuckle Award to Richard E. Rainwatervideo icon

Richard E. Rainwater, MBA ’68 whose independent investment activities are principally  responsible for numerous major corporate and real estate acquisitions, is the 2010 recipient of the Arbuckle Award, presented by the Stanford Business School Alumni Association.


Michael Shanahan Honored with 2009 Arbuckle Award

Capital Research and Management Co. Chairman Emeritus R. Michael Shanahan, who helped his firm blossom into one of the three largest U.S. mutual fund companies, has received the 2009 Arbuckle Award recognizing leadership.


Zambrano Receives Excellence in Leadership Award

Lorenzo Zambrano, who transformed the Mexico-based cement firm CEMEX from a domestic player into a global powerhouse, has been awarded the Stanford Graduate School of Business Excellence in Leadership Award.

Clayman Receives Excellence in Leadership Award

Michelle Clayman, the first woman to receive the Business School’s Excellence in Leadership Award, recalled founding New Amsterdam Partners LLC, an institutional money management firm in 1986. She had been talking to bankers around the globe, telling them about how to use quantitative methods to design investment processes, when she decided to take on the task herself.

Henry Segerstrom Honored with 2008 Arbuckle Award

The United States needs to prepare for the challenges of powerful emerging world economies, 2008 Arbuckle Award winner Henry Segerstrom, MBA ’48, told attendees at a dinner in his honor.


Steven A. Denning, MBA '78
Chairman, General Atlantic LLC

Steven A. Denning, the chairman of General Atlantic LLC and the 2007 recipient of the School's Excellence in Leadership Award, said his willingness to take on new, if untested, paths played a critical role in his success as a business leader.[icon - Video] Denning SpeechVideo (41 minutes)


Henry A. McKinnell Jr, MBA ‘67, PhD ‘69
Chairman and CEO (retired), Pfizer Inc.

Hank McKinnell who last year retired as chairman and CEO of Pfizer Inc, the world's largest research-based pharmaceutical company, is the 2007 recipient of the 2007 Stanford Business School Alumni Association's Arbuckle Award. In a banquet in January, he was saluted by friends, classmates and business associates. (February 2007)
Arbuckle Award video, (43:04 minutes)


Stephen Adams, MBA '62
Chairman, The Adams Companies

Stephen Adams, who has assembled a highly profitable string of companies encompassing banks, wineries, billboards, and recreational vehicles, says steady growth and long-term relationships are the key to success of his companies. (February 2006)


Robert M. Bass, MBA '74
Founder and President, Keystone Inc.

The founder of one of the most successful private investment and holding companies in the nation, Robert M. Bass, recipient of the Business School's 2005 Arbuckle Award, says his job description is simple: figure out what needs to be done and do it.


Andy S. Grove
Chairman of the Board, Intel Corp.

The Intel Chairman challenged the Business School to take a leadership role in finding ways to restore faith in America's business institutions.


Richard Kovacevich, MBA '67
Chairman and CEO, Wells Fargo & Co.

Hire the best people and then give them lots of responsibility were two recommendations from Richard Kovacevich who leads Wells Fargo.


John H. Scully, MBA '68
Founder, SPO Partners

The Business School offers an opportunity to learn, to lead, and to prosper, but John Scully also advised his listeners to find ways to positively effect the lives of all they touch.


The Lord John Brown of Madingley, Sloan, '81
Group Chief Executive, BP Amoco P.L.C.

After he transformed BP into the world's second largest gas and oil company, tripling its stock price and twice reporting the largest quarterly profit ever by any company in any industry John Browne was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II in 1998.



A. Michael Spence
Philip H. Knight Professor, emeritus, and former Dean


Rebecca Morgan, MBA '78
Chairman, Joint Venture, Silicon Valley

Reflect on the person you are and the leader you want to become advises former State Senator and business leader Rebecca Morgan.


Lorenzo Zambrano, MBA '68
Chairman and CEO, CEMEX

The tools you acquire at the Business School can improve, enrich, and fulfill the lives of millions of people who will never set foot on this campus, says Lorenzo Zambrano.


Frank Shrontz, Sloan '70
Chairman and CEO, Boeing

Ability to Motivate Others is Leadership Key Understanding the human side of management and developing the ability to positively influence others are key elements in determining business success, said Frank Shrontz, Sloan '70, the quietly effective leader of the Boeing Company for over a decade.

Earlier Recipients

1996: John Morgridge, MBA '57
Chairman, Cisco Systems

1995: Charles Schwab, MBA '61
Chairman and CEO, The Charles Schwab Co.

1994: John B. McCoy, MBA '67
Chairman and CEO, Banc One

1993: John W. Gardner
Miriam and Peter Haas Centennial Professor of Public Service, Stanford University

1992: Philip H. Knight, MBA '62
Chairman and CEO, Nike

1991: David Tappan Jr., MBA '48
President and COO, Fluor Corp.

1990: Robert K. Jaedicke
Dean, emeritus

1989: John M. Lillie, MBA '64
Chairman and CEO, Lucky Stores, Inc.

1988: A. William Reynolds, MBA '57
President and CEO, Gencorp. Inc.

1987: George P. Shultz
Jack Steele Parker Professor of International Economics, emeritus

1986: John G. McCoy, MBA '37
Vice Chairman and CEO, BancOne

1985: Donald E. Petersen, MBA '49
Chairman, Ford Motor Co.

1984: Claude N. Rosenberg Jr., MBA '52
Senior Partner, Rosenberg Capital Management

1983: H. Brewster Atwater Jr., MBA '54
Chairman and CEO, General Mills, Inc.

1982: James F. Dickason, MBA '51
Chairman and President, The Newhall Land and Farming Co.

1980: John B. Fery, MBA '55
Chairman, Boise Cascade Co

1979: Roy. A. Anderson, MBA '49
Chairman and CEO, Lockheed Corp.

1978: John A. Young, MBA '58
President and COO, Hewlett-Packard Co.

1976: Frederick G. Larkin Jr., MBA '36
Chairman, Security Pacific National Bank

1975: Arjay Miller, Dean, emeritus

1974: Stephen D. Bechtel Jr., MBA '48
Chairman, Bechtel Group, Inc.

1973: Frank T. Cary, MBA '48
Chairman and President, IBM Corp.

1972: Douglas R. Fuller, MBA '30
President, The Northern Trust Co.

1971: Malcolm MacNaughton, MBA '33
President, Castle and Cooke, Inc.

1970: Edmund W. Littlefield, MBA '38
President, Utah International, Inc.

1968: Ernest C. Arbuckle, MBA '36
Dean, emeritus