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Endowed Lectures


McNutt Describes How Cowboys, Engineers, and Scientists Plugged the BP Oil Leak

When oil began gushing into the Gulf of Mexico last year, scientists, engineers, and operations workers all had different ideas about what to do. The biggest lesson may have been getting these different groups to work together, Marcia McNutt of the USGS told a Stanford Graduate School of Business.


VideoHaving Cash Allowed Danaher to Fund Acquisitions in 2009

Having substantial cash on hand enabled Danaher Corp. to fund the acquisitions of 18 companies in 2009, "In 14 of them, we had little or no competition," Daniel Comas, MBA '91, vice president and chief financial officer of the firm, told a Stanford Graduate School of Business audience.

VideoThe Real Cost of Water We Use 

California is quickly reaching the point where each unit of water used to raise crops costs more in ecological damage than it provides benefits of crops, said Peter Gleick, president of the Pacific Institute, during the Stanford Graduate School of Business’ annual environmental lecture.


Video Oracle CFO's Career Didn't Follow Straight Path

When Jeff Epstein earned his Stanford MBA in 1979 and went to work for Boston Consulting Group on Sand Hill Road, he didn’t know about a young company a mile away—a company that would later become Oracle. Three decades later, Epstein is Oracle’s chief financial officer, but his path was no simple one-mile drive. 

Reflections on a Meaningful Life

George Shultz recounted his experiences as a college football player, an economist, a Marine during World War II, a secretary of labor and the treasury in the Nixon administration and President Reagan's secretary of state during Harry’s Last Lecture, reflecting on leading a meaningful life.  [Includes Video]


Green Tech Must First Make Economic Sense Says Khosla

Zero emission buildings and hybrid vehicles, have broad appeal, but any climate change solution must first make economic sense in order to truly be effective venture capitalist Vinod Khosla, MBA ’80, told a Business School audience during the School’s 2008 von Gugelberg Memorial Lecture.

MercadoLibre is Cornering Latin American Online Sales Market

Latin America is the fastest-growing internet user market in the world today. This is good news for MercadoLibre, the Buenos Aires-based online sales firm said Nicolás Szekasy, MBA ’91, who presented the 2008 Arjay Miller Lecture.


Environmental Challenges Are Profit Opportunities,
Says Roberts of World Wildlife Fund
“Companies still thinking about the environment as a social responsibility rather than a business imperative are living in the dark ages,” Carter Roberts, CEO and chief conservation officer of the World Wildlife Fund, told the audience at the Business School’s annual von Gugelberg Memorial Environmental Lecture.

Autodesk CFO Offers Road Map for Aspiring Financial Officers
It isn't enough to be a financial whiz, Autodesk CFO Al Castino told students and faculty at the annual Arjay Miller lecture. Adept CFOs must be able to convince other people that their ideas are the right ones.


Arjay Miller Lecture: Moody's CFO Linda Huber Has Instituted Changes
Moody's Chief Financial Officer Linda Huber, MBA '86, says she has honed her finance and human resource goals down to four: drive growth and profitability, support the line business, create an excellent control environment, and make Moody's a great place to work.

Good Business Karma
Patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard explains why his unconventional business practices have paid dividends.
Video File, 56:17 minutes

Idealism Won't Curtail Global Warming Warns, Carol Browner
If the current generation fails to halt global warming, “we'll become the first generation that has left to the next generation a problem that can't really be resolved,” Carol Browner, former head of the Environmental Protection Agency told a Business School audience. “There is not a single engineer in the world who could reverse the rise in the sea level once it starts to happen.”


The High Price of Global Warming
Global warming is not just an environmental issue. Jacques Dubois, chairman of the reinsurance giant Swiss Re America, argues that climate change is becoming one of the most significant emerging risks in the insurance industry.


Gary Hirshberg, Founder and CEO, Stonyfield Farms
Business Can Drive the Demand for Organics
Organic foods are now a $13.7 billion business in the United States, and Gary Hirshberg is bent on an even greater market share.


William McDonough, architect and author
Architectural Leader William McDonough Calls for an End to Designed Obsolescence
The presence of regulations governing how we design common things like buildings or a television set is a sign of design failure says the architect who designed a factory roof covered with grass.


John Browne, Sloan '81, Chief Executive, BP
Winning the Battle Against Greenhouse Gas
Energy giant British Petroleum intends to "hold emission from our operations at 10 percent below 1990 levels through 2010," declared the firm's leader John Browne.

Amory Lovins, Co-founder, Rocky Mountain Institute
Natural Capitalism
Business and the environmental interests increasingly overlap, providing opportunities to increase profits while helping solve environmental problems.

Additional Speakers

Barbara Dudley, Director, Greenpeace
The Outspoken Environmentalist
Greenpeace has built worldwide support by building a brand that places it at the forefront of environmental activism.

Paul Hawken, Chairman, The Natural Step

Fred Krupp, Executive Director, Environmental Defense Fund

William Reilly, Administrator, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Anita Roddick, Founder, The Body Shop

William Ruckelshaus, CEO, Browning Ferris Industries

John Sawhill, President and CEO, the Nature Conservancy

Dr. Stephan Schmidheiny, Founder, Business Council for Sustainable Development

Tim Wirth, U.S. Senator, Colorado