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Process Overview

ACT completes two project cycles each year: Spring-Summer and Fall-Winter.

ACT Project Cycle

Apply for a Project (January & July)

  • Nonprofits inquire about ACT consulting
  • Project screener has phone conversation with nonprofit
  • Eligible nonprofits invited to apply

Develop the Project (February & August)

Project screeners meet with select nonprofits to:

  • Assure ACT can meet the client request
  • Clearly define project outcomes

Project Begins (March & September)

  • ACT recruits volunteer consultants
  • Project leaders meet with client to develop work plan
  • Team meets with client and begins its research and analysis
  • Full teams present findings to date in mid-course review (June & December)
  • Fast Track engagements conclude (June & December)

Complete the Project (September & March)

  • Final report: team presents recommendations to client management and board
  • Consultants and client complete online evaluation

Assess the Project (October & April)

  • 12-month follow up: project leader and team reconnect with the client to assess project impact