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Recruiting Strategies

A sound recruiting strategy will enable you to attract the best candidates to your organization. Your approach will familiarize Stanford GSB students with your organization, and will become the foundation of your on-campus brand.

Requesting a consultation with a Relationship Recruiting Manager (RRM) is a great first step in building your strategy. Your RRM will work with you to determine the most effective way to develop your presence on campus.

The guidelines below provide a general idea of what’s involved in crafting a successful plan, and can help you begin to consider your strategy.

Prepare Your Organization

Get to know the unique environment at Stanford GSB. Learn how we’re different, and how our differences can benefit you. Then, examine your needs and goals, and determine the type of individuals you’re seeking.

Offer a Compelling Position

Consider what your organization has to offer that’s unique and enticing. Determine how you can effectively communicate the value of those offerings to Stanford GSB students and alumni.

Build Visibility

Attracting the best begins with taking action. Determine the resources, activities, and events that will be most effective in helping you build your on-campus brand.

Plan Ahead

Analyze your recent recruiting efforts, and determine what changes you’d like to make moving forward. If you’re not currently recruiting, keep in touch with our team so they’ll be ready to meet your future needs.