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Offer a Compelling Position

It’s important to define your organization’s advantages, and determine the best way to communicate those unique points of differentiation to our students.

Differentiate Your Organization

Identify your points of difference and positioning. Develop a plan to communicate your organization’s uniqueness. Make sure students understand what you do differently, where you fit in the marketplace, and what is distinctive about your culture.

Incorporate Ideal Job Characteristics

The ideal job opportunities for most Stanford GSB students and alumni have the following characteristics:

  • A high-impact function and intellectually stimulating responsibilities
  • Innovative company and/or industry
  • Inspiring management and a dedicated mentor
  • A career path with increasing responsibility and opportunity
  • The chance to work with compatible people 
  • Competitive compensation

It’s useful to appreciate the long-term value of hiring students for the summer. In an average year, between 15%-20% of all job-seeking graduates accept their full-time job offer from their summer employer.

Understand Our Students’ Mindset

Students’ interests may shift from year to year, so start fresh with each new class. Take a look at the MBA entering class profile and the MSx current class profile, and keep in mind that more than 50% of students change their function or industry upon graduation.