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Leadership Development

It’s not enough to simply study leadership. That’s why this program empowers students to discover and develop their unique leadership style, and actually put it into practice.

Fellows take part in diverse, yet complementary activities to develop their leadership potential. In real time, you’ll apply leadership models and learning through classroom discussions and simulations, in study groups, and in student leadership roles where participation, feedback, and self-reflection are essential to personal and professional growth.

Elements of the Leadership Development program include:

  • A 360-degree assessment to provide baseline data and access to executive coaches to begin a journey of development that can guide academic, career, and personal advising.
  • Executive leadership modules that will focus on skills needed by senior managers, such as coaching and developing others, leading innovation, and getting high performance from diverse groups.
  • Co-curricular learning, or “leading-by-doing,” which is critical to developing leadership capacity.
  • Study groups, team projects, and class leadership roles provide a safe environment to test leadership ideas.

Distinguished Speakers

Throughout the academic year, Fellows will have access to leaders and opinion-makers from business and government in classes and at campus events, on study trips, and through exclusive visits, receptions and dinners.

Study Trips

Off-campus learning is an integral part of the Stanford MSx experience. These excursions provide a rare opportunity to meet with leaders who are currently shaping organizations, industries, countries, and the world. Fellows make one trip to Washington D.C. and New York as a full group, to visit with senior leaders in government and finance. Additionally, there are several optional study trips to international destinations, and local visits to Silicon Valley companies.