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Career Impact

An experience that makes an impact — today, tomorrow, and beyond.

The Stanford MSx Program prepares fellows to transform careers, organizations, and lives. As a Fellow, you’ll benefit from an extensive support system while on campus, and throughout your career.

Fellows call on the Stanford GSB alumni network to solve problems, connect with expertise, and maintain relationships around the world.

Upon completing the program, Stanford MSx Fellows can expect benefits with deep and long-lasting career impact. You will:

  • Expand and enhance your existing management knowledge under the guidance of Stanford’s renowned faculty.
  • Share insights and perspectives with other experienced managers destined for leadership.
  • Cultivate a deep understanding of business practices and cultures across the globe.
  • Become part of the worldwide network of over 24,000 Stanford GSB alumni.
  • Capitalize on your personal strengths and vision, and emerge prepared to take on higher management responsibilities leadership roles.

Support That Lasts a Lifetime

As a Stanford GSB alumni, you’ll be part of a group of accomplished, impressive individuals with a shared experience — their time at Stanford.

Many of the people you’ll meet during your year will remain colleagues for life. Some alumni have described their network as a personal board of directors — experts they can call on at any time for advice, insight, and assistance.

The personal and professional diversity of the Stanford MSx and broader Stanford GSB alumni network means you’re likely to find someone with first-hand knowledge about the issue you’re contemplating — no matter where in the world you may be.