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Welcome from the Director

Look back at the last twenty years of your life.

You can probably identify one or two periods that were pivotal for you—perhaps a year when you met a partner, became a parent, overcame a major setback, took a significant career step, or moved to a new place that became your home. You lived outside your comfort zone, but you also broadened your horizons and expanded your sense of what is possible.

As I meet regularly with alumni of the Stanford MSx program, it gives me great pride that they describe their year at Stanford in similar terms. I hear this from our very recent graduates, and I heard it recently from fellows that were meeting for their 40th reunion. They tell me this one year changed their life.

Our school motto is ‘change lives, change organizations, change the world’. And it is no accident that change begins with the lives (and the perspectives) of our students. We are fortunate at Stanford to attract the most accomplished thinkers and leaders from around the world—those not seeking the status quo or satisfied with a typical career. We consider it a privilege to challenge such individuals, to help them deepen their insight into leadership, to help them carve a path that creates meaning and impact, and to build an alumni community that will support them in future endeavors.

You won’t find many one-year degrees that focus on general management for experienced leaders. This is not a typical program. But Stanford is not a typical school, and we do not seek typical students to be Fellows.

If this appeals to you, I invite you to learn more about Stanford MSx.

Mike Hochleutner
Stanford MSx Program