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Coaches & Consultants

Seed believes that business is one of the most powerful engines of change to move developing economies to greater prosperity. By volunteering as a Seed coach or consultant, you can help accelerate that change.

Seed Coaches

Seed coaches engage directly with a select group of leaders who have completed the Seed Transformation Program. It’s a one-year, on-the-ground volunteer commitment that’s as transformative as it is rewarding.

Seed Consultants

Seed consultants work remotely with Seed Transformation Program companies, lending their specific skills and expertise to short-term projects in areas ranging from marketing and operations to strategy and finance.


Jan Swanberg
Former Seed Coach

“The transformation plans we developed to help these companies grow will allow them to hire more workers, and when you give more people opportunities, more are lifted out of poverty.”


Eni Ibukun Adebayo
CEO, Clean Ace Solutions Ltd.
Seed Transformation Program

“My coach, Jan Swanberg, was very influential in defining the marketing approach of the company. There was previously no marketing orientation or focus, as the company relied essentially on referrals for sales.”