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  • Making the Flow

    Making the Flow

    Image of the Week

    The surface cells of tadpole embryos have cilia that move the water around them.

  • Exclusive Interview with Howie

    The BioInteractive News team recently sat down with Howie the Interactivore, HHMI BioInteractive's mascot, for an exclusive interview. BIOINTERACTIVE NEWS: Howie, thank you for taking the time to...

  • The Embryo Puzzle

    The Embryo Puzzle

    Image of the Week

    A new technique tracks thousands of cells in the fruit fly (Drosophila) embryo during development.

  • Mesozoic Film with Quiz

    Mesozoic Film with Quiz

    Interactive Video

    (33 min 43 sec) Embedded quiz modules test students’ understanding as they watch the short film on the asteroid that caused the extinction of the dinosaurs.

  • The Tool-Making Animal

    The Tool-Making Animal

    Scientist at Work

    (5 min 41 sec) Stone tools reveal a critical transition in the lives of our early human ancestors. 

  • Steve Palumbi & Megan Morikawa Study Coral Reef Damage in American Samoa

    Steve Palumbi & Megan Morikawa Study Coral Reef Damage in American Samoa

    Scientist at Work

    (7 min 1 sec) Field research on coral bleaching suggests possibilities for saving threatened reefs.

  • Supporting the Ecosystem

    Supporting the Ecosystem

    Image of the Week

    Pikas are small mammals related to rabbits that can only live in cold climates, either at high latitude or high elevations in North America and Asia.

  • Animated Life: Pangea

    Animated Life: Pangea

    Animated Short

    (7 min 36 sec) The story of Alfred Wegener, who came up with the idea that continents once formed a single landmass and had drifted apart. 

  • Saving Biodiversity Discussion

    Saving Biodiversity Discussion


    (57 min 28 sec) A sixty-minute discussion on biodiversity.

  • Dodging Extinction

    Dodging Extinction


    (31 min 12 sec) What steps can be taken to avoid the sixth mass extinction?

  • Ocean Species Respond to Climate Change

    Ocean Species Respond to Climate Change


    (29 min 39 sec) Coral reefs, how they are threatened by climate change, and how to protect them.

  • Extreme Life of the Sea

    Extreme Life of the Sea


    (29 min 27 sec) The threat to biodiversity in the ocean differs from the threats on the land.

  • Rescuing Species

    Rescuing Species


    (29 min 1 sec) How to preserve genetic diversity that is threatened by habitat loss.

  • Humans, Biodiversity, and Habitat Loss

    Humans, Biodiversity, and Habitat Loss


    (33 min 4 sec) Human activities and their effects on biodiversity in the past, present, and future.

  • Learning from Past Extinctions

    Learning from Past Extinctions


    (29 min 6 sec) There is still time to avoid a sixth mass extinction.

  • Popping a Kernel

    Popping a Kernel

    Image of the Week

    When heated to a temperature of around 180°C, corn bursts open with a “pop” in mere hundredths of seconds.

  • Statistics and Math

    Statistics and Math


  • Life and Pi

    Life and Pi

    Image of the Week

    Many groups of organisms, including some diatoms, are radially symmetrical, and look like circles when seen end on. 

  • Popped Secret: The Mysterious Origin of Corn

    Popped Secret: The Mysterious Origin of Corn

    Short Film

    (17 min 51 sec) Where did corn come from? Genetic and archeological data point to what may seem like an unlikely ancestor: a wild Mexican grass called teosinte.

  • In A Different Light

    In A Different Light

    Image of the Week

    A tree scorpion illuminated with UV light gives off a blue-green glow.

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