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HHMI Investigators

More than 300 HHMI investigators are pushing the bounds of knowledge in biomedical research. Their laboratories are located at more than 60 public and private research institutions across the United States. The collaboration between HHMI and these host institutions extends the nation’s research capacity by empowering exceptional individuals and equipping their labs with high-tech tools. Through their appointments to the Institute, investigators are provided with long-term, flexible funding that gives them the freedom to explore and follow their research ideas through to fruition. Read more about the HHMI Investigator Program.

Janelia Group Leaders

Group leaders at HHMI’s Janelia Research Campus in Virginia lead small research teams working together to address some of science’s most challenging problems. Read more on www.janelia.org.

International Scientists

International early career scientists in 12 countries are establishing independent research programs with the help of five-year awards from HHMI. Senior international research scholars are scientific leaders conducting biomedical research in seven countries with the support of five-year awards from HHMI. Read more about our international science programs.

HHMI Professors

The HHMI professors are accomplished research scientists who are deeply committed to making science more engaging for undergraduates. Their innovative approaches to teaching are becoming models for fundamental reform of the way undergraduate science is taught at research universities. Read more about the HHMI Professors Program.

Featured Scientists

Biomedical Research

HHMI is a recognized leader in biomedical research. We focus our investment on individuals, not projects, giving our scientists the time and freedom to pursue difficult, long-range questions.

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