Major collections in this area include the papers and organizational records of prominent advocates of laissez-faire economic principles, particularly from the United States, Austria, and Great Britain. Other materials relate to domestic and international economic conditions, foreign aid and development, and war reconstruction, as well as a small but important set of documents concerning Soviet agrarian policy.  

Free to Choose Videotape Collection, Box 5, Hoover Institution Archives

A ten–part television series broadcast on PBS in 1980

Hoover Institution Library and Archives Political Economy workshop participants, June 2014

First annual conference explored Hoover's economics collections


Milton Friedman Papers

US economist; winner, Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences

Friedrich A. von Hayek Papers

Austrian economist; president, Mont Pèlerin Society, 1947–62

Mont Pèlerin Society Records

International organization of laissez-faire economists

Institute of Economic Affairs Records

British organization promoting free market economic policies

Heartland Institute Collection

Printed matter relating to economic public policy issues

F. A. Harper Papers

US economist; president, Institute for Humane Studies, 1965–73

Institute for Humane Studies Miscellaneous Records

US organization for promotion of laissez-faire economics

William John Fellner Papers

US economist; member, Council of Economic Advisers, 1973–75

Chicago Boys and Latin American Market Reformers Collection

Materials relating to free market policies in Latin America

Arthur N. Young Papers

US economist; financial adviser, government of China, 1929–46

Pierre F. Goodrich Papers

Member, Mont Pèlerin Society

Mikhail S. Bernstam Papers

Russian American economist

R. M. Hartwell Collection

Materials relating to the Mont Pèlerin Society

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Angus Burgin, of Johns Hopkins University and the author of the Great Persuasion

Angus Burgin, of Johns Hopkins University and the author of The Great Persuasion, used research from the Hoover Archives for his book

Friday, March 22, 2013

In this podcast Russell Roberts, a research fellow at the Hoover Institution and EconTalk host, discusses, with Angus Burgin of Johns Hopkins University and the author of The Great Persuasion, the idea in his book—the return of free market economics in the aftermath of the Great Depression. Click here to listen to the interview.




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