The day after Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders clashed in South Florida over immigration in the Democratic debate, the Republicans will gather there, too, for their own debate (8:30 p.m. Eastern on Thursday, CNN). Check out our takeaways from the Democratic affair. Florida is also where Ted Cruz is trying to play up his Cuban heritage before the state votes on Tuesday.
On the trail: Mrs. Clinton has stops in Florida, and two states that also vote on Tuesday, North Carolina and Illinois. Bernie Sanders has events in Florida as well.
On the economy: Mrs. Clinton sought to refocus on jobs after her loss in Michigan, and Donald J. Trump is challenging 200 years of economic thinking that trade among nations is good, and that more is better.
How are parents and educators grappling with how to discuss Mr. Trump's manners to their children? We take a look. Marco Rubio revealed that his children were embarrassed by how he egged on Mr. Trump.
John Kasich is framing the Republican race as one with only three candidates: Mr. Trump, Mr. Cruz and himself.
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