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Saturday, January 11, 2014

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Critic’s Notebook

The Fascination of the Unfinished

Suzanne DeChillo/The New York Times

The Metropolitan Museum is dotted with paintings that have been left incomplete, giving viewers hints into the impulses behind the genius of Degas, Bassano, Greuze, Rembrandt and others.

Museum and Gallery Listings for Jan. 10-16

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Art Review

Shifting His Tectonic Plates

In his show “New Sculpture,” at the Gagosian Gallery, Richard Serra continues along the road that emerged from the hugely successful “Torqued Ellipses” of the ’90s, but also circles back to his earlier oeuvre.

Art Review

Beyond Beefcake in the Work of a Gay Pioneer

“Devotion,” an exhibition at New York University’s 80WSE, shows a surprising range in the work by Bob Mizer, known for his erotic photographs of men.

Portraits From Clips and Bytes

The artist R. Luke DuBois takes a data-mining approach to his work, drawing on Google searches and surveillance technology for video and graphics pieces.


Bulls to Angels in Spanish Drawing

The Morgan Library & Museum has long been known for its extraordinary collection of drawings.

Ambitious Redesign of MoMA Doesn’t Spare a Notable Neighbor

The Museum of Modern Art unveiled a sweeping redesign of its Midtown building and reaffirmed its intention to demolish the former American Folk Art Museum.

Diligence Promised in Studying Looted Art

Ingeborg Berggreen-Merkel, head of a task force on Nazi-looted art, says revealing a timetable would create pressure.

For Fans of Photographer, a Window of Opportunity

The photographer Larry Clark, whose portraits can command thousands of dollars, is selling some of his smaller prints for $100 each.

Exhibition Traces Bauhaus Luminary’s Struggle With His Past

An exhibition in Berlin follows the trajectory of the graphic artist Herbert Bayer, who in the 1930s created Nazi propaganda, though he claimed to be apolitical.

A Once-Troubled Museum Frames a Future in Los Angeles

A fresh chapter for the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles will begin with a nest egg and a new director.

Harvey K. Littleton, a Pioneer in the Art of Glass, Dies at 91

Mr. Littleton, whose work has been acquired by the Metropolitan Museum of Art, founded what is considered to be the nation’s first college-level course in his field.

A Vale of Terror, Transcended

Artists on both sides of the border in the Rio Grande Valley are using their work to call attention to immigration issues and a rise in drug violence in the region.


Captured in Time: A Certain New York

Unfettered optimism was the unofficial religion of the United States in the early 20th century, but the photographer Lewis Hine declined to buy in.

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Inside Art

Philadelphia Museum Lands a Major Gift

Keith L. Sachs and his wife, Katherine, have promised much of their art collection to the Philadelphia Museum of Art, including works by Jasper Johns, Ellsworth Kelly, Brice Marden and Gerhard Richter.


Civil War Archive to Go on Sale

Documents and artifacts from Luis F. Emilio, a white officer from Massachusetts who led a black regiment during the Civil War, are going on sale.

An Artist Who’s Truly Wired

For R. Luke DuBois, art has its basis in mounds of data.

Unfinished Works

The Metropolitan Museum is dotted with paintings that have been left incomplete.

Art and Life on the Border

Artists explore gang violence and the politics of immigration on the Mexican border.

‘Intent to Deceive’

Forgeries and fakes have their own mystique and now their own show.

‘She Who Tells a Story: Women Photographers From Iran and the Arab World’

The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, presents an ambitious and revealing exhibition.

A Culture of Bidding
Forging an Art Market in China

In China’s growing art market, now the second largest in the world, outsize auction results often overshadow false sales data and forged art.

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Fine Arts & Exhibits

Never mind the record auction prices for art: there are overlooked pockets of the art world still within the realm of affordability to collectors. With news about galleries, museum exhibitions, previews and more.

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