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Hour 1
Angelo Spata, center, leaves Brooklyn federal court after posting bail, Jan. 20, 2011. Spata is accused of being an associate of the Colombo crime family. (AP Photos)

Junior Lollipops, Bobby Glasses, Baby Shacks—and more than a hundred others rounded up in the FBI’s big mafia sting. We take stock of organized crime in America.

Hour 2
AP Photo

We look at the science of our emotional calendar — how our minds, bodies, and emotions surf the seasons.

Recent Shows
Coco Chanel, No. 5 & History’s Scent
French designer Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel, sits at a sidewalk cafe in Paris on Sept. 11, 1934. (AP)

The wild history of Chanel No. 5, queen of perfumes, and the life of Coco Chanel – from convents to Nazis to jasmine and rose petals.

(Friday, January 21, 2011)
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Week in the News: Tunisia, China, Health Care & the GOP
Protestors shout slogans, in Tunisia, Thursday, Jan. 20. 2011. (AP)

A repeal vote on health care reform. Revolution in Tunisia. And Washington welcomes China’s leader. Our weekly news roundtable goes behind the headlines.

(Friday, January 21, 2011)
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Jeff Zucker Talks NBC & the Media-Entertainment Future
Jeff Zucker (AP)

This week the FCC approved the merger of Comcast and NBC. We talk to NBC’s outgoing CEO, Jeff Zucker, about the future of television, news and entertainment.

(Thursday, January 20, 2011)
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China, America & Questions in the Balance
The Capitol dome is seen at rear as Chinese and U.S. flags are displayed in Washington, Jan. 18, 2011. (AP)

We take at look at the United States and China now, as the Chinese president makes a big visit to Washington.

(Thursday, January 20, 2011)
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New Dirt on the Stuxnet Worm & Cyber War
Iranian technicians work at the Bushehr nuclear power plant in Iran, Nov. 23, 2010. (AP)

We go inside the Stuxnet worm cyber-attack on Iran’s nuclear push, and look at the reality of cyber-war.

(Wednesday, January 19, 2011)
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“Ask Not”: JFK’s Call, 50 Years Later
President John F. Kennedy delivers his inaugural address, Jan. 20, 1961. (AP)

“Ask not what your country can do for you” said John F. Kennedy, 50 years ago. We look back at the message of JFK’s inaugural, with Chris Matthews, David Brooks, and biographer Thurston Clarke.

(Wednesday, January 19, 2011)
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Producer's Picks
Eisenhower’s Military-Industrial Prophecy
U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower makes his farewell address, Jan. 17, 1961. (AP)

Fifty years on, we look back on war hero and President Dwight D. Eisenhower’s warning against America’s “military-industrial complex.” Author James Ledbetter and military scholar Andrew Bacevich join us.

(Monday, January 17, 2011)
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Vegans Take America
Rustic Winter Stew Over Polenta (Theppk.com)

Drop that hot dog. America goes vegan. We look at the trend with cooking doyennes Isa Chandra Moskowitz, Mollie Katzen, Kim O’Donnel, and more.

(Friday, January 14, 2011)
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Gender & the Brain: A New View
Girls playing  video games in Los Angeles , 2010. (AP)

A new attack on the theory of a “hardwired” difference, in the brain, between men and women.

(Thursday, January 13, 2011)
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Snow Removal Strategy & the Flurry of Winter Weather
City contractors spread sand on roadways in the early morning hours after an overnight winter storm, Jan. 10, 2011, in Johns Creek, Ga. (AP)

Big snow buries big parts of the U.S., again. We go deep on snow and snowplow and towns’ and cities’ strategies for how to deal with the avalanche.

(Wednesday, January 12, 2011)
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Innovation, Science, & New American Breakthroughs
ARPA-E Director Arun Majumdar visits Michigan State University (Flickr/U.S. Dept. of Energy)

American scientific innovation. We look what’s on the frontier, and where will the next big breakthroughs come from, with MIT’s president and top science journalists.

(Thursday, January 6, 2011)
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VIDEO EXTRA: Dr. Gawande on End-of-Life Issues, “Death Panels”
Atul Gawande, January 4, 2011 (WBUR/Jesse Costa)

After his Tuesday interview, Gawande spoke back stage about the controversy over end-of-life policies — the “death panels” charge. Hear about his powerful personal experience as a doctor.

(Wednesday, January 5, 2011)
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On Point Blog
On Point Blog
VIDEO: Our Wildly Diverse World
Sunday, January 23, 2011

We’re keeping an eye out for video and images that convey the sheer variety of life and environmental conditions around the globe, and this one from Mali is just amazing.

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Google, Apple, and Tech-tonic Shifts – Some On Point Backgrounders
Saturday, January 22, 2011

This past week saw the heads of perhaps America’s two leading technology companies announce that they’re stepping aside. It’s a moment of flux in the tech-biz world. See some key On Point shows for background on how we got here.

On Point in Shanghai – China’s Oprah; Factions in the “One Party”
Thursday, January 20, 2011

China and Sino-U.S. relations are the talk of the week, as President Hu visits. Listen back to our chat in Shanghai with China’s “Oprah,” and to Tom’s conversation with “Democrats” and “Republicans” in the Communist Party.

Eavesdropping on JFK & Ike: Hear Their Cuban Missile Crisis Phone Call
Tuesday, January 18, 2011

In a week where On Point is looking at the golden anniversary of two historic presidential speeches, we post a fascinating, and grim, phone call between the two presidents.

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On Point’s Most-Viewed 2011 Shows
Friday, January 14, 2011

See which shows our online audience flocked to in the first couple weeks of the new year. Did you catch them all?

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