Thank for your continued support. Board Policy 3290 states that the "Superintendent or designee may accept any bequest or gift of money or property on behalf of the District. While greatly appreciating suitable donations, the Board or Superintendent or designee discourages any gifts which may directly or indirectly impair its commitment to providing equal educational opportunities for all District students."

General Guidelines

The District is supported by an educational foundation, Palo Alto Partners in Education (PiE). PiE is the only non-profit educational foundation devoted exclusively to raising money for all PAUSD schools, and the only foundation dedicated to raising funds to pay for PAUSD teachers and staff. PiE distributes funds on an equal per-pupil basis at each school level throughout the district. Donations that support all PAUSD schools should be made directly to PiE by clicking here.

Capital-improvement gifts and gifts in-kind, such as office furniture, should be routed to Business Services at the District Office for consideration and evaluation. Attention Betty Muñoz.

Considerations Before the District Accepts a Gift

  • Does it have a purpose consistent with the District's philosophy?
  • Does it involve a program that the Board would be unable to continue when the donated funds were exhausted?
  • Does it entail excessive or undesirable costs?
  • Does it endorse any business or product?

Information Technology

Information Technology equipment should be routed to the District Office for evaluation and consideration. It is important that all equipment meets the current standards for it to be supported on the District's network. The donor is able to designate where the equipment should be placed. Inquiries should be routed to Information Technology, attention Patricia Venerable.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Betty Muñoz for guidance.

Volunteer at School

Our volunteers play an invaluable role in our students' education and development. There are many ways to get involved with our schools.  Our schools need volunteers to help with a wide variety of areas/activities, such as:

  • Classroom
  • Booster Tutoring
  • Office
  • Library
  • Field trips-driving, escorting (Complete Field Trip Private Vehicle Form )
  • Science lab
  • Violin tuning
  • Noon supervision
  • Kinder playground supervision
  • Art

To find out how you can help, please contact your child's school directly.

PTA – Parent Teacher Associations

Each school in PAUSD has its own PTA or PTSA. The PTA is a volunteer group of parents, teachers and community members who support students and teachers in classroom activities and manage school events, services, and communications. Contact your school's PTA or PTSA representative for more information about meetings and activities.

Palo Alto Council of PTAs posts information about PTA programs, upcoming events, and other resources.